Commercial Law - Our Advantages

The Sydney Law Schools Commercial and Corporate Law program is one of immense array, which not only caters for the needs of modern commercial practice but also provides considerable scope to pursue specialised interests. Specifically, the trade practices offerings involve competition law as well as the consumer protection aspects. This section is complemented by focus on the non-corporate side of the disciplines, including restitution, controlling liability in contract, intellectual property and electronic commerce. The regulatory dimension is well catered for with study on regulation of financial products, investments and markets, as well as contemporary developments such as privacy surveillance and fair information practices. It also offers candidates the opportunity to fine-tune their expertise in other areas. The corporate area of commercial law is well catered for through areas such as fundraising, corporate governance, financing, insolvency and takeovers and reconstructions. Units in international business law, commercial arbitration, trade regulation, maritime law and study in Asia Pacific legal systems meet the demands of international law.

In short:

  • An outstanding and innovative commercial and corporate law program
  • Diverse units of study: domestic, international & comparative
  • Taught by outstanding academic staff and leading practitioners
  • International Visiting Faculty Program
  • Semester long and short intensive formats to suit your needs.