Commercial Law - Units of Study

Commercial Law

Advanced Financing Techniques (LAWS6014)
Breach of Contract (LAWS6809)
Capital Gains Tax (LAWS6169)
Class Actions and Complex Litigation (LAWS6869)
Commercial Conflict of Laws (LAWS6824)
Commercial Equity Litigation (LAWS6188)
Comparative Admiralty and Maritime Law (LAWS6900)
Competition Law (LAWS6838)
Compliance: Financial Services Industry (LAWS6264)
Construction Law (LAWS6851)
Consumer Contracts and Product Defects (LAWS6227)
Contract Negotiation (LAWS6872)
Copyright and Copyright Industries (LAWS6160)
Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Policy (LAWS6140)
Corporate Fundraising (LAWS6100)
Current Issues in Defamation Law (LAWS6915)
Equity Financing (LAWS6046)
Financial Risk Allocation in Equity (LAWS6954)
Fundamentals of Commercial Law (LAWS6987)
Fundamentals of Corporate Law (LAWS6810)
Fundamentals of Finance Law (LAWS6955)
Fundamentals of the Law of Trusts (LAWS6912)
Insolvency Law (LAWS6159)
Intellectual Property: Trade Marks (LAWS6860)
Law of Asset Protection (LAWS6953)
Personal Property Securities (LAWS6956)
Plain English in Legal Writing (LAWS6950)
Principles of Intellectual Property (LAWS6873)
Principles of Patent Law (LAWS6969)
Problems in Contract Formation (LAWS6919)
Regulation and Regulators (LAWS6963)
Regulation of Financial Products and Services (LAWS6962)
Securities and Markets Regulation (LAWS6247)
Shareholders' Remedies (LAWS6957)
Takeovers and Reconstructions (LAWS6008)

International and Comparative Commercial Law

Corporate Governance (LAWS6222)
Cross-Border Deals (LAWS6997)
Global Oil and Gas Contracts and Issues (LAWS6933)
International Banking Law (LAWS6156)
International Business Law (LAWS6059)
International Commercial Arbitration (LAWS6060)
International Commercial Litigation (LAWS6884)
International Import/Export Laws (LAWS6037)
International Investment Law (LAWS6916)
International Sale (LAWS6868)
International Financial Transactions: Law and Practice (LAWS6138)
Islamic Law and Commerce (LAWS6975)
Japanese Law (LAWS6879)
Law and Investment in Asia (LAWS6932)
Principles of Oil and Gas Law (LAWS6990)
Private International Law (LAWS6948)
US Corporate Law (LAWS6844)
World Trade Organization – Dispute Resolution (LAWS6924)

Please note that only units of study highlighted are being offered this year.