News 2009

Professor Michael Dirkis speaks to the Higher Education supplement of The Australian on his appointment to the Sydney Law School in an article titled 'Taking chair on tax reform'. - 2 September 2009

Waterfall train disaster police denied compensation. Associate Professor Barbara McDonald said the 2002 Civil Liability Act was introduced in order to restrict the number of people who have a right to compensation as a result of government negligence on the ABC Radio Current Affairs Program - PM.
"For instance, a person cannot recover damages for psychiatric injury unless they were either a member - a close family member - with the victim or they were at scene at the time when the victim was killed, injured or put in peril."
View the entire transcript or listen to the podcast - Waterfall train disaster police denied compensation. - 2 September 2009

Make Easter Sunday a public holiday? Professor Joellen Riley says she has received wide support for a new law covering public holidays as part of her forthcoming review for the NSW Government in an article titled 'Make Easter Sunday a public holiday, says report' in the Sydney Morning Herald. 18 August 2009

Company directors should not jump to conclusions from the ''very special circumstances'' of the recent case against former James Hardie directors, said the prominent Melbourne barrister Neil Young, QC, speaking at the recent Supreme Court Annual Corporate Law Conference, co-organised by the Ross Parsons Centre in an article titled 'Stricter duty for directors' in the Sydney Morning Herald. - 12 August 2009

Professor Jennifer Hill argues that the regulation of executive pay is not a one way street in an article titled 'Directors talk about 'troubled times'' in the Australian Financial Review. - 12 August 2009

Professor Jennifer Hill commented on the response to corporate fraud in the US and that a positive regulatory outcome would be to focus on executive remuneration in an article titled - 'Quick Justice' in the Sydney Morning Herald. - 4 July 2009

Professor Jennifer Hill commented on the issue of international recruitment of Chief Executive Officers for Australian companies in an article titled - 'Looking locally in the search for top CEOs' in the Sydney Morning Herald. - 15 June 2009

Australia's taxation system is sexist as mothers on low wages pay the most tax according to Professor Patricia Apps in article titled - 'Mothers on low wages pay the most tax' in the Sydney Morning Herald. - 5 June 2009

Associate Professor Barbara McDonald was interviewed on By Design. She gives an insider's tour of the new Law School building on the eve of its opening. 29 April 2009

Australia has the most liberal class action regime in the world, a US legal expert told a seminar organised by the Federal Court of Australia and the Ross Parsons Centre yesterday. In an article titled 'Liberal' stance helps class actions: US expert in the Sydney Morning Herald, Professor Geoffrey Miller, a Professor of Law at New York University and Visiting Professor at Sydney Law School, said there were "gigantic" procedural differences between Australia and the US. The proceedings from the seminar titled: Investor Class Actions will be published in a monograph shortly. - 11 March 2009

Australia's tax policy has a negative impact on women's entire life cycle by making it difficult for them to work when they have young children, argues Professor Patricia Apps in an article entitled: 'Battling mums taxed to help the rich' in the Daily Telegraph. - 3 March 2009

Professor Graeme Cooper appeared on Lateline Business urging the Henry Review to avoid big bang solutions to Tax reform. Professor Cooper argued that change could make the system even more complicated and efforts would be better focused on reducing tax avoidance. -23 February 2009

In an article in Lawyers Weekly, Professor Roger Magnusson argues that the law should be utilised to combat obesity by influencing healthier choices, rather than regulating individual behaviour. - 2 February 2009