Student Research Projects

Doctor of Juridical Studies (SJD)

Student Surname Student Given Names Degree Supervisor Type Thesis title
Fowler Alexandra Lian SJD Crawford, E Auxiliary The Right to Reparation for Victims of Armed Conflicts: Theory and Practice
Triggs, G Auxiliary
Saul, B Research
Brazil Raymond Max SJD Hamer, D Auxiliary The Evolution of the Duties, Powers and Responsibilities of the NSW Coroner. 
Cashman, P Research
Chen Nicholas Edward SJD Allars, M Auxiliary Revisiting Notions of Discretionary Justice: Finding the Way Forward for Procedural Fairness.
Crock, M Research
Murray Andrew Stuart SJD Cashman, P Auxiliary Expert Evidence and the Problem of Privilege
Peden, E Research
Ranjan Sanchana Rachel SJD Riley, J Auxiliary The Regulation of Labour Standards in and through International Trade - A Focus on the Impact of the Free Trade Agreements and Social Clauses
Smith, B Research
Uddin Tanvir Ahmed SJD Stumbles, J Auxiliary Islamic Law and Socio-Economic Development: Exploring the Law, Theory and Practice of Islamic Microfinance
Farrar, S Research
Zetler Julie Anne SJD Krayem, G Auxiliary E-health: The Legal and Ethical Implications of Computerised Patient Records on Confidentiality and Privacy for Patients with Health Disabilities
Carney, T Research

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Student Surname Student Given Names Degree Supervisor Type Thesis title
Abbs Ross PhD Crofts, T (Wayne) Auxiliary Criminal Justice in the High Court
Loughnan, A Research
Adey Philip George PhD Bennett, B Research The law on negligently occasioned pure psychiatric harm in Australia following the landmark Annetts decision and the contemporaneous civil liability Acts
Alexandre-Hughes Sandrine Virginie PhD Parkinson, P Research Couples’ property in Private International Law - The Potential for Global Co-operation: An Analysis Based on a Comparative Focus on Australian, United Kingdom and French Law
Aoun Fady John George PhD Rolph, D Auxiliary Look Not Lest Ye Be Offended - Jesus Juice™, Redskins®, and Black Tail®: The Law relating to Offensive and Scandalous Trade Marks
Weatherall, Kim Research
Arcioni Elisa Rachel PhD Irving, H Research 'The people' in the Australian Constitution
Arici Claudia PhD Crofts, T (Wayne) Auxiliary Through the Looking Glass: An Analysis of the Portrayals of Child Soldiers through the Lenses of Communities Members and Key Stakeholders
Findlay, M Research
Aydos Elena de Lemos Pinto PhD Black, C Auxiliary Assistance to Emissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Industries in the European Union, New Zealand and Australia: Focus on the linking of ETS and WTO Issues.
Lyster, R Research
Baker Timnah Rachel PhD Crock, M Research Post-Entry Social Control: A Comparative Study of US and Australian Deportation Laws and Policies
Beck Luke PhD Twomey, A Auxiliary Section 116 of the Constitution
Irving, H Research
Beesley Julie Patricia PhD Findlay, M Auxiliary Organised Chaos: Organised Crime Through a Chaotic Lens
Lee, Murray Research
Bell Felicity Jane PhD Parkinson, P Auxiliary Independent Children's Lawyers Inside and Outside the Family Courts
Cashmore, J Research
Bogdanoski Tony PhD Stewart, C Research The Fragility of Disability Health Rights: Confronting Ableism and Neo-Eugenics in Modern Medicine
Brabazon Mark Levinge PhD Dirkis, M Auxiliary Principles of International Trust Taxation
Vann, R Research
Carabetta Giuseppe Joseph Mark PhD Findlay, M Auxiliary A Comparative, Critical Study of Police Industrial Regulation in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Cananda and New Zealand with Particular Consideration of Models of Third Party Intervention for Workplace Disputes
Riley, J Research
Catterwell Ryan Ronald PhD Courtney, W Auxiliary The Inferential Application of Contracts
Peden, E Research
Cauchi Louise PhD Rolph, D Auxiliary Cosmetic surgery and the law of negligence: An infectious passion for beauty?- The Australia Story
Stewart, C Research
Coshott Derwent Ralph PhD Campbell, J Auxiliary

The Legal and Economic Development of Trust Law

Conaglen, M Research
Connolly Rebecca Leanne PhD Triggs, G Auxiliary The Fragmentation of International Law and Conflict of Jurisdiction for Trade Disputes Involving Agricultural Biotechnology Products
Lyster, R Research
Crossley Penelope Jane PhD Carney, T Auxiliary The Role of Law in the Development of the Renewable Energy Sector - A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of the Regulatory Support Mechanisms Offered to Participants in the Renewable Energy Sector in Australia, China and United Kingdom
Triggs, G Auxiliary
Stephens, T Research
Davis Robert Brent PhD Findlay, M Research The Law and Econom(etr)ics of Corruption
Hill, J Research
de Souza Michelle Maria Emilia PhD Stewart, C Research Pre-implantation Genetic Testing: A Comparative Analysis of the Regulatory Systems of Two Countries
Di Bartolomeo Louisa Giulia PhD Grattan, (Donald) Scott Auxiliary Beyond Regulation: The Impact of Legislative Protections of Cultural Heritage on Property
Stewart, C Auxiliary
Lane, P Research
Dicker Nicole Lee PhD Kinley, D Auxiliary The Complementarity of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and Development Programming: A Comparative Analysis of the Relationship between Transitional Justice Processes and Development Programming in Post Conflict Countries
Saul, B Research
Dyer Andrew PhD Thwaites, R Auxiliary Human Rights and Criminal Justice in Australia and the United Kingdom: Has the Human Rights Act 1998 (UK) Made a Difference?
Crofts, T Research
Ellis Justin Raymond PhD Mason, G Auxiliary Defining Transparency: Mediated Policing in the Age of Spin
Lee, M Research
Evans Alexandra Claire Margaret PhD Cooper, G Research Is Present Entitlement the Optimal Mechanism for Allocating the Tax Liability on Income of a Trust between the Beneficiary and Trustee under Division 6 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (Cth)?
Fallah Katherine Louise PhD Saul, B Research Making War and Making Law: The Relationship between International Law and Industry-led Initiatives to Regulate the Private Military Industry
Faugno Rebecca Kate PhD Carney, T Auxiliary Remedying Remedies: Towards the Clarification and Development of Judicial Remedies for Human Rights Violations by Transnational Corporations
Kinley, D Research
Forrest-Lawrence Pota PhD Lee, Murray Auxiliary The Media's Representation of Methamphetamines and its influence on Illicit Drug Policies and Legislation
Mason, G Research
Ghezelbash Daniel PhD Crock, M Research Shifting Sands and Refugee Boats: The Transfer of Migration Control Policies Between The United States and Australia
Gomez Angelina Ann PhD Glister, J Auxiliary Excluding Fuiduciary Obligations in Commerce
Conaglen, M Research
Haider Md Mostafa PhD Saul, B Auxiliary Global Poverty Elimination: Enacting Anti-equality Law
Hayes Monica Hella PhD Riley, J Auxiliary Improving Gender Equality at Work: Can Legislation Intended to Encourage and Promote Structural Change in Organisations Succeed in Promoting Gender Equality?
Smith, B Research
Hogan Doran Justin Adrian PhD Triggs, G Auxiliary Private International Law Jurisdiction in Cyberspace
Bath, V Research
Jacobs Benjamin Alfred PhD Sevel, M Auxiliary The End of the "Rule of Law" in Australia
Allars, M Research
Jogarajan Sunita PhD Vann, R Research Tax Treaty History
Jones Keith Stuart PhD Ziegert, A Research Patterns of Politics & Law in the Complexity of Major Issues of Governance
Jorgensen Malcolm Andrew PhD Stephens, T Research American Policymakers' Competing Conceptions of the Rule of International Law
Kaldor Jenny Claire PhD Magnusson, R Research Law and Public Health Nutrition in Australia: Addressing Unhealthy Diets through Legal and Regulatory Interventions in the Food System?
Kendall Keith Alexander PhD McCallum, R Research A Tax Adviser's Privilege for Australia
Kershaw David PhD Courtney, W Auxiliary Evidential Considerations for the Inference of Obligations arising through Agreement at Common Law
Carter, J Research
Lloyd Windsor Frances Emily PhD Mowbray, J Auxiliary Dignity Indivisible: International Law and Ronald Dworkin's Theory of Justice
Walton, K Research
Lo Stefan Huoy Cheng PhD Hill, J Research In Search of Corporate Accountability: Liabilities of Corporate Participants
Lumby Caroline PhD Walton, K Auxiliary Cruising Women: The Death of Dianne Brimble and the Problem of Individual Responsibility
Mason, G Research
McGuire Nicola Jane PhD Riley, J Auxiliary The Quest for Legitimization of Corporate Charitable Donations in a Capitalist Society. Encouraging Corporate Kindness: Are we balancing the social books or just cooking them?
Hill, J Research
McKay Carolyn Louise PhD Mason, G Research The Principle of Orality and the Posthuman Courtroom
Meng Jingyuan PhD Apps, P Research Inequality and Taxation
Mitchell Tanya Louise PhD Loughnan, A Auxiliary Rough Justice in the Summary Jurisdiction? The Rights of the Accused in the Summary Jurisdiction
Findlay, M Research
Mojarrieta Castaneda Darlis PhD McCallum, R Auxiliary Only the best: A Comparative Study of Selection Methods for Permanent Economic Migration.
Crock, M Research
Nagy Marie Therese PhD Findlay, M Auxiliary Implications of Brain Research for Criminal Law
Hamer, D Research
Orchiston Alice PhD Crofts, T (Wayne) Auxiliary (Ser)Vice Work: Commercial Sex and Labour Regulation
McCrystal, S Research
Owens Katherine Anne PhD Lyster, R Research The Water Market Oasis?
Porter Jennifer Gaye Negus PhD Findlay, M Auxiliary The Law of Confessions in Criminal Proceedings: Evolution of the Law regarding Admissibility and Implications for the Law's Further Development
Hamer, D Research
Rivlin Lorraine Patricia PhD Smith, B Research The First Ten Years Carer's Discrimination Complaints in NSW under the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW): An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Legislation to Achieve Workplace Accommodation of Caring Responsibilities and grater equality for "Worker carers" in NSW
Robert Hannah Sophia PhD Graycar, R Research The Cuckold's Cause - What do "paternity fraud" disputes tell us about legal constructions of parentage in the age of DNA testing?
Roles Cameron Leslie PhD Courtney, W Auxiliary Quarantining Talent: An Analysis of Legal Techniques for Regulating the Competition for Human Capital
Riley, J Research
Saint Caroline PhD Carney, T Auxiliary Legal and Ethical Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza: Issues of Resource Allocation and how Social Disruption might be limited
McCrystal, S
Riley, J (Acting)
Sapienza Amanda Rose PhD Twomey, A Auxiliary Non-Perogative Executive Power: Limitations and Judicial Review
Allars, M Research
Sarjana I Gede Eka PhD Stephens, T Auxiliary Safeguarding Environmental Rights in ASEAN; Lessons from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines
Boer, B Research
Sas Blanche Wanda Kulczycki PhD Shearer, I Auxiliary International Legal Aspects of Oil and Gas Development in the Arch Ocean
Triggs, G Auxiliary
Stephens, T Research
Seymour Elen Rhoanna May PhD Black, C Auxiliary A Review of Taxation of Charities: Advancing Religion as a Charitable Purpose
Cooper, G Research
Sunil Raj Senthorun PhD Loughnan, A Research Remedying Violence: Que(e)rying Affect, Intimacy and Subjectivity in the Law
Taylor Christopher John PhD Vann, R Research The Development of Australian Double Taxation Treaty Policy and Practice and the Future of Bi-Lateral Double Taxation Treaties
Teo Nikki Jern-Li PhD Vann, R Research The History and Development of International Tax Coordination in the United Nations: 1946-1979
Then Shih-Ning PhD Cashmore, J Auxiliary Regenerative Tissue Transplantation from Children: Legal Protection, Medical Ethics and Practice
Carney, T Research
Torrens Shannon Maree PhD Findlay, M Research Reconciling Manifestations of Power, Prejudice and Privilege in International Criminal Law and Justice as Impediments to International Peace and Security, International Justice and National Reconciliation
Walker Lee Charles PhD Brown, C Auxiliary Foreign State Immunity
Saul, B Research
Wallace Alexis Margaret PhD Crock, M Research The Identity Dilemma
Watson James Allan PhD Tolhurst, G Auxiliary The Duty to Account
Peden, E Research
Willis Sonya Joy PhD Cashman, P Auxiliary The Case for Case Management: Balancing the Justice Objectives in Civil Procedure.
Allars, M Research
Young Michael Robert PhD Stumbles, J Auxiliary Constructing Covered Bonds - A Legal Analysis
Tolhurst, G Research

Master of Laws (LLM) by Research

Student Surname Student Given Names Degree Supervisor Type Thesis title
Everitt Melissa Kate LLM Rolph, D Auxiliary Copying and Communicating in the Digital World
Weatherall, K Research
Hender Bethany Langman LLM Edgar, A Auxiliary Animal Cruelty or Legitimate Farming Practice: Who Decides?
Black, C Research
Hill Martin Roland LLM Irving, H Auxiliary Affecting the Rule of Law
Twomey, A Research
Horne Alexander Edward LLM Sevel, M Auxiliary Dworkin's Metaphysics and its Implications for the Aims and Methods of Jurisprudence
Walton, K Research
Tandjung Joannes Ekaprasetya LLM Butt, S Auxiliary The Legal Regime on Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore: Indonesia's Efforts to Establish National Legal Regime through Positive and Defensive Mechanisms
Weatherall, K Research
Walsh Anna Lee LLM Shackel, R Research The Legal Status of Pre Natal Life in Australia

Master of Criminology (MCrim) by Research

Student Surname Student Given Names Degree Supervisor Type Thesis title
Tait Fiona Mary MCrim Shackel, R Auxiliary Evaluation of the Victim Impact Statement Processes in NSW with regard to the Therapeutic Consequences for Victims of Crime