Before the High Court

The Sydney Law Review's Before the High Court column provides a forum for some of Australia's leading academics to comment on cases awaiting hearing by the High Court of Australia.

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Edition Commentary
High Court decision

Volume 38 No.2
June 2016

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v SZSSJ: Consideration of Asylum Claims outside the Visa Application System
Emily Hammond and Rayner Thwaites


Volume 38 No.2
June 2016

Day v Australian Electoral Officer (SA): Senate Voting Reforms under Challenge
Anne Twomey

 [2016] HCA 20 (13 May 2016)

Volume 37 No.4
Dec 2015

History and Counter-History: 25 Years of Writing for the High Court
Arlie Loughnan and Shae McCrystal


Volume 37 No.4
Dec 2015

Paciocco v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd: Are Late Payment Fees on Credit Cards Enforceable?
Katy Barnett


Volume 37 No.3
Sep 2015

Commonwealth v Director, Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate: The End of Penalty Agreements in Civil Pecuniary Penalty Schemes?
Rebecca Ananian-Welsh and Kate Gover
[2015] HCA 46 (9 December 2015)

Volume 37 No.2
Jun 2015

McCloy v New South Wales: Developer Donations and Banning the Buying of Influence
Anne Twomey
[2015] HCA 34 (7 October 2015) 

Volume 37 No.1
Mar 2015

D'Arcy v Myriad Genetics Inc: Patenting Genes in Australia
Brad Sherman
[2015] HCA 35 (7 October 2015)

Volume 36 No.3
Sep 2014

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v SZSCA: Should Asylum Seekers Modify their Conduct to Avoid Persecution?
Maria O'Sullivan
[2014] HCA 45 (12 November 2014)

Volume 36 No.2
Jun 2014

Honeysett v The Queen: Forensic Science, ‘Specialised Knowledge’ and the Uniform Evidence Law
Gary Edmond and Mehera San Roque
[2014] HCA 29 (13 August 2014)

Volume 36 No.1
Mar 2014

‘Mutual Trust and Confidence’ on Trial: At Last
Joellen Riley
[2014] HCA 32 (10 September 2014)

Volume 35 No.4
Dec 2013

Jury Deliberations and the Secrecy Rule: The Tail that Wags the Dog?
Jill Hunter

Volume 35 No.3
Sep 2013

Reviewing Reasons for Administrative Decisions: Wingfoot Australia Partners Pty Ltd v Kocak
Matthew Groves


Volume 35 No.2
Jun 2013

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Directors’ Duties to Creditors after Bell
Anil Hargovan and Jason Harris

Volume 35 No.2
Jun 2013

Indigenising Sentencing? Bugmy v The Queen
Thalia Anthony


Volume 35 No.1
Mar 2013

Clear Choices in Murky Waters: Leo Akiba on behalf of the Torres Strait Regional Seas Claim Group v Commonwealth of Australia
Lauren Butterly


Volume 34 No.3
Sep 2012

Why Policy Matters: Google Inc v Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Megan Richardson


Volume 33 No.4
Dec 2011

Providing Services to Copyright Infringers: Roadshow Films Pty Ltd v iiNet Ltd
Robert Burrell and Kimberlee Weatherall


Volume 32 No.4
Dec 2010

Corporate Groups: the Intersection between Corporate and Tax Law: Commissioner of Taxation v BHP Billiton Finance Ltd
Anil Hargovan and Jason Harris


Volume 32 No.1
Mar 2010

The Paradox of Public Disclosure: Hogan v Australian Crime Commission
Judith Bannister


Volume 32 No.1
Mar 2010

Charting the Limits of Insolvency Reorganisations: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc v City of Swan
Jason Harris


Volume 31 No.3
Sep 2009

Mind the 'Evidential Gap': Causation and Proof in Amaca Pty Ltd v Ellis
David Hamer


Volume30 No.3
Sep 2008

Getting it Right: Where is the Place of the Wrong in a Multinational Torts Case?
Anthony Gray


Volume 29 No.3
Sep 2007
Attorney-General (Commonwealth) v Alinta Limited
Emma Armson
Volume 29 No.2
Jun 2007

Vicki Roach v Commonwealth
Daniel Guttman


Volume 28 No.2
Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs v QAAH: Cessation of Refugee Status
Maria O'Sullivan
Volume 28 No.1
Mar 2006
'Litigation Lending' after Fostif: An Advance in Consumer Protection, or a Licence to 'Bottomfeeders'
Lee Aitken
Volume 27 No.1
Mar 2005
Ruddock and Others v Taylor
Susan Kneebone
Volume 26 No.4
On Technology Locks and the Proper Scope of Digital Copyright Laws - Sony in the High Court
Kim Weatherall
Volume 26 No.2
Redundancy and Interpretation in Industrial Agreements: The Amcor Case
Andrew Frazier
Volume 25 No.3
Sep 2003
Politics, Police and Proportionality - An Opportunity to Explore the Lange Test: Coleman v Power
Elisa Arcioni
Volume 25 No.3
Sep 2003
The Panel Case and Television Broadcast Copyright
Michael Handler
Volume 25 No.1
Mar 2003
Applicants S396/2002 and S395/2002: a gay refugee couple from Bangladesh
Catherine Dauvergne and Jenni Millbank
Volume 24 No.4
Dec 2002
Sport and the Law: The South Sydney Appeal
Saul Fridman
Volume 24 No.2
Jun 2002
Australian Competition and Consumer Commision v The Daniels Corporation International Pty Ltd and Another
Suzanne B McNicol
Volume 24 No.2
Jun 2002
The Message, Not the Medium: Defamation, Publication and the Internet in Dow Jones & Co Inc v Gutnick
David Rolph
Volume 24 No.1
Mar 2002
The Case of the Improbable Murderer: De Grunchy v R
Jeremy Gans
Volume 23 No.4
Dec 2001
Tame v Morgan and Annetts v Australian Stations Pty Ltd
Peter Handford
Volume 23 No.2
Mar 2001

ACCC v Daniels
Suzanne B McNicol


Volume 22 No.4
Dec 2000

Fault Lines in the Law of Obligations: Roxborough v Rothmans of Pall Mall Australia Ltd
Michael Bryan and M P Ellinghaus


Volume 22 No.3
Sep 2000
Immunities Under Attack: The Tort Liability of Highway Authorities and their Immunity from Liability for on-Feasance: Brodie v Singleton Shire Council, Ghantous v Hawkesbury City Council
Barbara McDonald
Volume 21 No.4
Dec 1999
Esso Australia Resources Ltd v Federal Commisioner of Taxation
Suzanne B McNicol
Volume 21 No.2
Jun 1999
Campomar Sociedad Limitada & Anor v Nike International Ltd & Anor
Eileen Webb and Diana Farrelly
Volume 20 No.4
Dec 1998
HG v The Queen
Eilis S Magner
Volume 20 No.3
Sep 1998
Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs v Eshetu
Mary Crock and Mark Gibian
Volume 20 No.2
Jun 1998
Copyright and Computer Programs: Data Access v Powerflex
Ben Kremer
Volume 20 No.1
Mar 1998
The Hindmarsh Island Bridge Act. Must Laws Based on the Race Power be for the "Benefit" of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders? And what has Bridge Building got to do with the Race Power Anyway?
Nicholas Pengelley
Volume 19 No.4
Dec 1997
"Why Would I be Lying?: The High Court in Palmer v R Confronts an Argument that may Benefit Sexual Assault Complainants
Jeremy Gans
Volume 19 No.2
Jun 1997
Labour Law and the Inherent Requirements of the Job: Qantas Airlines Ltd v Christie - Destination: the High Court of Australia- Boarding at Gate Seven
Ronald C McCallum
Volume 19 No.2
Jun 1997
Till Debt Us Do Part -A Note on National Australia Bank Ltd v Garcia
Anthony J Duggan
Volume 19 No.1
Mar 1997
Dead Ducks and Endangered Political Communication - Levy v State of Victoria and Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Anne Twomey
Volume 18 No.3
Sep 1996
Music on Hold: The Case of Copyright and the Telephone. Telstra Corporation Ltd v Australasian Performing Rights Association Ltd
Patricia Loughlan
Volume 18 No.3
Sep 1996
"Unnatural Rejection of Womanhood and Motherhood": Pregnancy, Damages and the Law. A Note on CES v Superclinics (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reg Graycar and Jenny Morgan