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IT Assistance
· Self service portal

· Your UniKey account is your personal key to access the online services and e-facilities provided to staff and students of the University of Sydney.
· Login set up for visitors, casuals and new staff will be managed by Margot Harris and David Corey as part of the standard set up and induction process

Share drives/folders
· If you require access to a group file (such as Finance Team folder, Academic Support Team Folder, Centre folder), please contact Margot Harris

· Limit 1GB – will receive email notification warning if reaching this limit.
· Staff Email - Exchange
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Staying connected
· How to access your work when you're away from your desk

Replacement toners
· When you require a replacement toner for an individual office printer, contact Katrina Thomas (from Academic Support).

Ordering of new equipment
· Academics ordering any new equipment (such as printer, laptops, etc) paid through their Research Development Funds should contact the Facilities Team to arrange. The team will liaise with ICT to place the order and have equipment configured when it is delivered. The procurement team from ICT will provide technical advice on equipment and appropriate models. These enquiries will initially be directed through the Facilities team in order to have one signal point of contact between ICT and the Faculty on procurement matters.

Borrowing a faculty laptop
· Several laptops are available – contact the Facilities Team.

Audio-Visual Systems
· Learn about the Audio Visual systems
· Audio Visual Services
· Further information: contact Andy Netherington (Facilities & Technical Officer)
· The above relates to the New Law Building, for St James Campus contact Andy Netherington.

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The WriteSite is a elearning resource which will make it easier for staff to help students achieve excellence in academic writing.

A Humanities and Social Sciences initiative relevant to the broader University community, the WriteSite provides immediate feedback that allows the student user to reflect on what they have learned and practice their skills.

The three modules, Grammar, Sources and Structure, support students from a variety of disciplines, at a range of degree stages and at all levels of English language proficiency.

The WriteSite content was prepared by the University’s Learning Centre, under the direction of the Project Director, Dr Nerida Jarkey, Director of Learning and Teaching, Humanities and Social Sciences.

A team of educational designers from the eLearning Team (formerly Flexible Online Learning Team - FOLT), led by Project Manager, Sue Atkinson, structured the material and designed the WriteSite’s interactive learning activities.

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eLearning (LMS) support

Mai Stringer, eLearning/LMS Administrator (Online Teaching)
Ph: 9351 0328

Online Learning Resources

New Law School Teaching Annexure

The teaching space includes: