Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety Responsibilities

Everyone has a responsibility for health and safety at work. The University has assigned this responsibility through the line of management to each worker to the extent of their delegated authority.

The University’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy explains the responsibilities and expectations of workers and others, and the procedures for managing WHS risks associated with University activities.

The duty of care for work health and safety is prescribed by the NSW WHS legislation. Failure to comply with these duties is a criminal offence and can incur a heavy fine.

All staff, particularly those who manage or supervise others, should ensure that they are familiar with their obligations for promoting health and safety at work, and fulfil these obligations. Please visit WHS Duty of Care checklist for Staff and Affiliates for more information.

Advice and support in managing health and safety issues can also be obtained directly from the University’s Work Health and Safety Services

Setting up your Workstation

As most of our work at the Faculty is desk bound it is important that staff ensure that their work area is set up correctly so as not to cause injury or strain on any part of your body. More information and guidelines on correct set up of workstations including the use of laptops and some handy tips on good work practices are available from WHS - Setting up your Workstation.

Departmental Safety Officers

A departmental safety officer would typically:

  • assist with promoting work health and safety (WHS) awareness
  • advise on WHS problems if competent to do so, or obtain advice from the University’s Work Health and Safety Services (WH&SS) Unit
  • provide information to staff and students on WHS hazards associated with their work
  • bring unresolved WHS issues to the attention of the relevant head
  • assist in investigating significant injuries and incidents; and
  • help to resolve issues in line with the Work Health and Safety Policy 2012 and Work Health and Safety Procedures.

Reporting an Incident Injury or Hazardous Situation via RiskWare

RiskWare is the University’s online system for reporting and managing incidents, injuries and hazards across all campuses

Staff members (including casuals) are required to use RiskWare to report an incident, injury, or hazardous situation.

Managers (or their delegates) are required to use RiskWare to manage incidents and hazards that are reported within their area of authority.
Although managers can delegate their use of RiskWare to an appropriate nominee, the ultimate responsibility for OHS, including the management of reported incidents and OHS risks, remains with the line manager.

Students, affiliates, contractors and visitors are required to advise a staff member if they are involved in an incident/sustain an injury, or identify a hazardous situation so that these can be entered into RiskWare for actioning.

All incident reports must be submitted within 24 hours of the incident.

If full details of the incident, injury, investigation and corrective actions are not available within this timeframe, the essential details of the incident or injury as they are known should be submitted initially.

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