LAWS6044 - Environmental Law & Policy


  • Acquire an introduction to overarching themes in environmental law and policy as a foundation to more detailed studies for the Environmental Law Program.
  • Develop multi-dimensional thinking about environmental issues and the strategies needed to address them.
  • Gain a broad background of the political and economic issues in so far as they are related to the legal issues involved.


Fundamental concepts in Australian environmental law; influences in the creation of environmental policy and law; fundamental principles in environmental law; cooperative federalism and Commonwealth environmental responsibilities; principles of sustainable development; enforcing environmental law; civil enforcement and common law remedies; judicial reviews and merits appeals; the concept of ecologically sustainable development and its implications for environmental law and policy.


Semester 1 Intensive (Group A)
14, 15 & 28, 29 March 2014

Semester 2 Intensive (Group B)
8, 9 & 15, 16 August 2014

The timetable is subject to frequent changes. Please refer to the latest version of the Postgraduate Timetable.


  • 5000 Word Essay (60%)
  • Take-Home Exam (40%)

Assumed Knowledge

LAWS 6252 - Legal Reasoning & the Common Law System or law degree from a common law jurisdiction.

Please note: Environmental law candidates must complete LAWS 6252 - Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System and this unit prior to enrolling in other law optional units

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You can credit this unit towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Units of study that are part of Sydney Law School’s Postgraduate Program meet the necessary Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) of the Law Society of New South Wales and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of the New South Wales Bar Association. You may complete this unit of study by enrolling on a non-degree basis or on an audit basis only with no assessment via Single Unit Study.

Courses this unit is available in

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