LAWS6301 - Corruption and International Development: Responses in Law, Policy & Practice


  • Introduction to the array of domestic and international approaches currently applied to address the complex nature of corruption.
  • Have a practical focus, providing students with an opportunity to consider issues that can inform public policy choices about anti-corruption against the theoretical and historical background to current initiatives.


Anti-corruption efforts have continued to grow rapidly in recent years prompted both by international developments, such as the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and by popular demand, domestically, for integrity in government. The spectrum of methods for dealing with the problem of corruption in the government sector now includes international cooperation, law enforcement, administrative instruments, system design, behavioural change and professional ethics.

Relevant themes to be considered include the effect of political pragmatism and ideology, difficulties of policy evaluation and outcome measurement and the implementation challenges posed by context. Specific cases will be used to demonstrate the reasons for controlling corruption, the types of corruption usually targeted by prevention measures and common methods of corruption control in law and practice.


  • Class Participation (10%)
  • 2 x 1,000 Word Class Paper (15% each)
  • 6,000 Word Essay (60%)


Semester 2 Intensive
8, 9 & 15, 16 August 2014

NB: The unit will be taught as a skills-based unit with class exercises. To make this workable, numbers to be capped at 25 students.

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The unit replaced Introduction to Anti-Corruption: Policy, Law and Practice.

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