LAWS6821 - Mediation-Skills & Theory

This unit will teach you the fundamental skills and theory of mediation. The skills component of the unit is extensive and is the reason for the limited enrolment. The unit is designed to enable interested students to progress to accreditation as mediators (additional external study with coaching and assessment will be required) and the content of the unit is designed to meet the content requirements of the National Mediator Accreditation System. In particular the content of the subject is designed to explore the competency areas required for accreditation and the knowledge, skills and ethical understanding competency framework set out in the National Mediator Accreditation Standards. However, mediation is not simply a procedural template that can be learned and applied to every dispute with benefit. It raises interesting and complex issues of theory and ethics, which will be integrated with the skills components of the unit. Issues of culture, power, mediator neutrality and ethical dilemmas for the mediator will be considered.


Semester 2 Intensive
31 October & 1, 7, 8 November 2014

This unit has a restricted class size. Students enrolling in this unit need to commit themselves to attending all classes. The skills learning takes place in class and skills are built incrementally from the beginning to the end of the unit. Students cannot catch up on elements they have missed by doing reading outside class - they must participate in all scheduled sessions. If students have a problem with attendance, they should postpone enrolling or transfer to another unit by the relevant census date.

The timetable is subject to frequent changes. Please refer to the latest version of the Postgraduate Timetable.


  • Class and Role play participation evidenced by reflective journal
    (formative assessment) (30%)
  • 5,000 Word Essay (70%)


LAWS 6935 - Mediation of Commercial Disputes.


Tania Sourdin, Alternative Dispute Resolution (4th ed) 2012 Thomson Reuters

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