LAWS6892 - Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions

The unit will focus on the tax issues arising on the takeover or re-organisation of a corporation. Unique and complex tax issues arise for the corporation, its existing shareholders and, in the case of a takeover, its acquirer. These issues will influence the method of effecting the transaction, the method of financing it and indirectly the price paid.

For takeovers, the unit will examine the impact of a takeover on the various tax attributes of the target company, the computation of its income in the year of change, the recovery of its losses and the limits on losses available to shareholders because of the anti-duplication rules. We also consider how the tax system might influence the method of financing the takeover. The unit will also examine the impact for shareholders and the corporation of undertaking the merger of two or more corporations.

The unit will also examine the impact for shareholders, intermediaries and the corporation of the de-merger of a corporation from a group of corporations. For reconstructions, the unit will examine the impact for shareholders and the corporation of selected transactions: conversion into corporate form, change of corporate form and the re-capitalisation of a corporation.


Semester 2 Intensive
10-12 & 15,16 September 2014

The timetable is subject to frequent changes. Please refer to the latest version of the Postgraduate Timetable.


  • 1 x 3,000 Word Assignment (30%)
  • 1 x 2 Hour Exam (70%)


LAWS 6030 - Corporate Taxation

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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