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This unit of study considers a number of specialised topics in the area of tax treaties, largely reflecting the work of the OECD and United Nations on tax treaties currently and in the last decade.

Topics covered include a selection of: OECD and UN policy development processes, the new Article 7, business restructures and intangibles, high value services, expatriates, superannuation and pensions, entities (companies, partnerships, trusts and collective investment vehicles), beneficial ownership, triangular cases, conflicts of qualification, non-discrimination, tax avoidance and treaties, base erosion and profit shifting, dispute resolution and international administrative cooperation.


Group A
Sydney Law School in Europe
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
Please note: This unit has a restricted class size.
Maximum places available: 15

Semester 1 Intensive (Session 106)
13 & 18-20 June 2014

Group B
Sydney Law School
Semester 2 Intensive (Session 111)
22-24 & 27, 28 October 2014

The timetable is subject to frequent changes. Please refer to the latest version of the Postgraduate Timetable.


Group A
Sydney Law School in Europe (Session 106)

  • Take-Home Exam (100%) approximately one month after the conclusion of classes

Group B
Sydney Law School (Session 111)

  • 1 x take-home exam (100%)


  • 1 x 8,000 word essay (100%)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You can credit this unit towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Units of study that are part of Sydney Law School’s Postgraduate Program meet the necessary Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) of the Law Society of New South Wales and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of the New South Wales Bar Association. You may complete this unit of study by enrolling on a non-degree basis or on an audit basis only with no assessment via Single Unit Study.

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