Podcasts 2016

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ACCEL 2016 Conference:
'The Legal Implications of the Paris Agreement'
11 February 2016
Speaker: Various conference speakers
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Republic of Brazil v Durant
and the Principles of Tracing
25 February 2016
Speaker: Adjunct Professor Joe Campbell
1 hr 31 min 49 sec Download (mp3, 88.2mb)


Public Reason and Administrative Legitimacy
3 March 2016
Speaker: Adjunct Jerry L. Mashaw, Sterling Professor of Law, Emeritus at Yale Law School 
29 min 35 sec Download (mp3, 27 mb)


Sydney Institute of Criminology 50th Anniversary Lecture: Southern Criminology and Global Justice
19 April 2016
Speaker: Professor Kerry Carrington, School of Justice, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology
54 min 34 sec Download (mp3, 49.9 mb)