Podcasts 2011

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Aboriginal young people and crime
7 February 2011
Speakers: Edwina Crawford, Bob Debus, Anthony Paulson 
1 hr 10 min 25 sec, Download video (mp3, 32mb)
Slideshows and papers: Edwina Crawford (pdf) | Bob Debus(pdf) | Anthony Paulson (pdf)
George Winterton Memorial Lecture 2011: Pathway to a Republic
17 February 2011
Public lecture with the Hon Sir Gerard Brennan AC KBE
44 min 29 sec, Download video (mp2, 28mb)
Transcript (pdf)


Legal reform in Northeast Asia: the politics of competitive modernisation
22 March 2011
Professor Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago Law School  
54 min 04 sec, Download video (mp4, 30mb)
The UN Charter as the higher law
24 March 2011
Sir Michael Wood KCMG, former Legal Adviser to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office; member of the International Law Commission; Senior Fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge. 
48 min 09 sec, Download video (mp4, 25mb)
31 March 2011
The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Sydney Law School, Distinguished Speakers Program 2011  
41 min 38 sec, Download video (mp4, 24mb)


Beyond punishment: actuarial risk assessment
11 April 2011
Speakers: James R P Ogloff, Stuart Ross   
1 hr 16 min 08 sec, Download video (mp3, 13mb)
Slideshows and papers: James R P Ogloff (pdf) | Stuart Ross (pdf)

Uses and abuses of crime statistics
14 April 2011
Dr Don Weatherburn, Director of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research   
Jessie Holmes, Project Officer for the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
49 min 36 sec, Download video (mp3, 8.5mb)

Geoffrey Robertson QC

Humanitarian intervention and international law
19 April 2011
Speakers: Geoffrey Robertson QC   
51 min 41 sec, Download video (mp3, 8.9mb) 


Capacity for crime: adolescent brain development, mental health and youth crime
2 May 2011
Speakers: Professor Ian Hickie AM MD FRANZCP FASSA, Brain & Mind Institute (BMRI), University of Sydney
Natalie Mamone, Juvenile Justice in NSW
Professor David Fergusson, Christchurch Health and Development Study (CHDS), University of Otago    
1 hr 38 min 20 sec, Download video (mp3, 17mb)
Slideshows and papers: Professor Ian Hickie (pdf) | Natalie Mamone (pdf) | Professor David Fergusson (pdf)


The future of private international law in Australia
16 May 2011
Speakers: Justice Paul Le Gay Brereton; Dr Andrew Bell; Thomas John; and Andrew Dickinson
1 hr 34 min 15 sec, Download video (mp4, 50mb)
Papers: The Hon Justice Paul Le Gay Brereton (pdf) | Dr Andrew Bell SC (pdf) | Thomas John (pdf) | Professor Andrew Dickinson

Constitutional law in the twenty first century
19 May 2011
Speakers: The Hon Bob Carr, former Premier of New South Wales
The Hon George Brandis SC, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
Associate Professor Anne Twomey, Director, Constitutional Reform Unit, Sydney Law School
Professor Gillian Triggs, Sydney Law School
1 hr 06 min 36 sec, Download video (mp4, 32.4mb)

Prize giving ceremony 2011 Welcome Speech
26 May 2011
Speakers Professor Gillian Triggs, Dean, Sydney Law School
03 min 37 sec, Download video (mp4, 1.77mb)

Prize giving ceremony 2011 University Medallist Speech 
26 May 2011
Speaker: Address by University Medallist, Alicia Lyons
12 min 23 sec, Download video (mp4, 6mb)


The Rule of Law in the shadow of the giant: the Hong Kong experience
30 June 2011
Speaker: The Hon Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE
49 min 50 sec, Download video (mp4, 29mb)


Matt Laffan memorial address in social justice
Forgotten Victims: criminal justice remembers
18 July 2011
Speaker: Peter Strain, Barrister
Keynote Speaker: Nicholas Cowdery QC, Former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions
Chair: Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum, Sydney Law School
1 hr 24 min 48 sec, Download (mp3, 9.7mb)


Reforming the World Health Organization: innovations in the global governance of health 
2 Aug 2011
Keynote speaker: Professor Lawrence Gostin, Chair: Associate Professor Rebecca Ivers, Responders: Professor Stephen Leeder, Associate Professor Stephen Jan
1 hr 17 min 50 sec, Download (mp3, 36 mb)
Life at the Bar 
4 Aug 2011
Dr David Bennett AC QC
59 min 43 sec, Download (mp4, 33 mb)


What should we expect our company directors to do? 
1 Sep 2011
Speakers: Dr Robert Austin
Sydney Law School,Distinguished Speakers Program 2011
52 min 28 sec, Download (mp3, 24 mb)
2011 Ross Parsons Address in Taxation and Book Launch 
27 Sep 2011
Distinct Equity of the Debt-Equity Distinction presented by Professor Dr Wolfgang Schön.
Book launched by The Hon Justice RF Edmonds, Federal Court of Australia.
1 hr 23 min 56 sec, Download (mp3, 76 mb)


Youth Justice Conferencing Seminar: Principles of Restorative Justice 
17 Oct 2011
Speakers: Dr Kelly Richards, Senior Research Analyst at the Australian Institute of Criminology
Mr John Gralton, NSW Police
Bryan Boulton,Youth Justice Conferencing Convenor
1 hr 17 min 04 sec, Download (mp3, 71 mb)


Proportionality: the solution that became the problem. 
3 Nov 2011
Speaker: Professor Bernhard Schlink , Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany; author of The Reader
45 min 18 sec, Download (mp3, 41 mb)
Distinguished Speakers Program lecture: Alumni 
8 Nov 2011
Speaker: Noel Pearson, Director, Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership
1 hr 03 min 37 sec, Download (mp4, 36 mb)
Politics of CCTV: Trajectory and directions 
14 Nov 2011
Speaker: Steven Van Zwieten, Dr Gavin Smith and Meg Mundell
1 hr 35 min 12 sec, Download (mp3, 38 mb)
Julius Stone Address 2011
A democratic constitution: the basics
23 Nov 2011
Speaker: Professor Leslie Green, University of Oxford
56 min 51 sec, Download (mp4, 32 mb)
The Paul Byrne lecture 
28 Nov 2011
Keynote Speaker: The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG
Chair: His Honour Judge Stephen Norrish QC
1 hr 30 min 08 sec, Download (mp4, 45 mb)
Spend less and reduce crime - see how it’s done in the US. 
29 Nov 2011
Guest speaker: Steve Aos
Chair: Associate Professor Gail Mason
42 min 54 sec, Download (mp3, 39.2 mb)