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Governance and the Return of Political Economy
International Law and the Periphery Conference - 19 Feb 2012
Speaker: Professor David Kennedy 
1 hr 32 min 16 sec, Download (mp3, 84.5mb)
2011 Family Law Amendments and family violence: Has Parliament finally got it right?
Distinguished Speakers Program 2012 - 22 Feb 2012
Speaker: Professor Nicholas Bala of Queens University, Kingston, Ontario
Please note: increase the volume of your speakers prior to commencing this podcast as the recording volume is low. 
48 min 22 sec, Download (mp3, 5.6mb)
Presentation slideshow (pdf)


President Obama's Health Care Reform: The Supreme Court and the Future of the American Health System
Distinguished Speakers Program 2012 - 23 May 2012
Professor Lawrence Gostin (Professor of Global Health Law, Georgetown University, Washington DC) 
41 min 35 sec, Download (mp3, 38.0mb)

Prize giving Ceremony
Prize giving ceremony 2012 Welcome Speech
24 May 2012
Speakers Professor Gillian Triggs, Dean, Sydney Law School  
09 min 13 sec, Download (mp3, 8.5mb)
Prize giving ceremony 2012 University Medallist Speech
24 May 2012
Speaker: Address by University Medallist, Chelsea Tabart 
09 min 38 sec, Download (mp3, 8.8mb)


Matt Laffan Address in Social Justice
27 June 2012
Intro Speaker: Andrew Buchanan
Keynote Speaker: Peter FitzSimons   
45 min 43 sec, Download (mp3, 20.9mb)


Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law (ACCEL) Seminar
Planning Law Reform in NSW: Explaining the Revolution
6 August 2012
Speakers: Emeritus Professor Zada Lipman, Dr Robert Stokes MP, Dr Rosemary Lyster
1 hr 30 min 14 sec, Download (mp3, 82.6mb)


Distinguished Speakers Program: Michael Sexton SC
Is there a role still remaining for the States in the Australian federation?
13 September 2012
Speaker/s: Michael Sexton SC, Professor Anne Twomey (introduction)
40 min 41 sec, Download (mp3, 31.8mb)


Beyond Punishment: Outsourcing Justice? The Privatisation of Prisons
5 October, 2012
Professor Malcolm Feeley
57 min 57 sec, Download (mp3, 53mb)
Distinguished Speakers Program
Foreign Investment, the National Interest and National Security - Foreign Direct Investment in Australia and China
Professor Vivienne Bath 
11 October 2012
40 min 05 sec, Download (mp3, 18mb)
Presentation slides (pdf)
Institute of Criminology and the Department of Juvenile Justice NSW present:
All in the Family? The use of Family Intervention Programs and Methods in Juvenile Justice

24 October, 2012
Speakers: Michael Szyjan Ph.D. Manager of the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) in Juvenile Justice, NSW
Bron Parker, Manager ALIVE, Catholic Care
Associate Professor Brian Stout, University of Western Sydney
1hr 24 min 47 sec, Download (mp3, 39mb)