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What can be learned from the quest for same-sex marriage in the United States?
2015 Distinguished Speakers Program
12 March 2015
Speaker: Professor Edward Stein, Cardozo School of Law
Presentation Slides (pdf)
41 min 35 sec, Download (mp3, 38.0mb)


"Can a 20th Century Business Income Tax Regime Serve a 21st Century Economy?"
Ross Parsons Lecture 2015
20 April 2015
Speaker: Michael J. Graetz, Columbia Alumni Professor of Tax Law, Columbia Law School
1 hr 20 min 51 sec, Download (mp3, 74.0mb)

Welcome Speech
Prize giving ceremony 2015
23 April 2015
Speaker: Professor Joellen Riley, Dean, Sydney Law School
8 min 11 sec, Download (mp3, 3.9mb)

Student Address
Prize giving ceremony 2015
23 April 2015
Speaker: Student Address by Robert Pietriche
11 min 15 sec, Download (mp3, 5.4mb)


Indigenous Constitutional Recognition - Problems, Alternatives and Solutions
2015 Distinguished Speakers Program
14 May 2015
Speaker: Professor Anne Twomey, Sydney Law School
46 min 34 sec, Download (mp3, 42.6mb)