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Enrolment Packs for the Winter Session 2014 are expected to be mailed out to students in the third week of April. The Winter Session 2014 Subject Guides, Course Materials and Booklist are currently being updated and should be available online for current students by the commencement of lectures.

If you have not received your enrolment pack in the post by the start of the enrolment period, please contact the LPAB or LEC. Alternatively, you can download the Course Information Handbook and Enrolment Pack inserts from the links below when they are available.

The online registration period is from Monday 28 April to Monday 5 May 2014. For new students, you will need to complete all the fields on the Application for Registration. For existing students, you will need to update your address and contact details (if applicable) and the subjects in which you have enrolled with the LPAB for the current session.

After enrolling with the LPAB, for more information on what to do next, carefully read the LEC Welcome Letter in your Enrolment Pack. Current information on the LPAB enrolment procedure is available on the LPAB website.

Also, remember to visit the LEC Student Message Board for notices and updates throughout the session.

Winter Session 2014
Enrolment Pack
LPAB Enrolment Form (Blank)
LPAB Enrolment Checklist
LPAB Student/Library Card Application - Instructions to Students
LPAB Student/Library Card Application
LPAB Credit Card Payment Form
LEC Welcome Letter
LEC Flowchart: A Guide to Getting Started
LEC Step by Step Online Registration and Unikey Information Guide - Step by step guide to registering on the LEC Webcampus. LEC online registrations will commence on Monday 28 April until Monday 5 May 2014.
LEC Orientation Program (Friday 9 May 2014)
Legal Institutions Introductory Weekend School Program (Saturday 10 May and Sunday 11 May 2014)
Understanding Legal Language and Legislation Blurb

Winter Session 2014
Course Information Handbook

Contact Information - LPAB and LEC
Session Calendars - Current and Proposed Summer 2014-15
Progression, Exclusion and Tuition Rules
LPAB Enrolments and Fees
LEC Teaching Program
LEC Subject Descriptions
LEC Classes
LEC Webcampus
LEC Assignments and Assessment
LEC Subject Guides and Materials
Law Library
Studying Law with the LEC
LPAB Examinations
Beyond the Curriculum
LEC Timetables - Room Codes, Weekly Lecture Timetable, Legal Institutions Timetable, Weekend Schools 1 and 2 Timetables, Examination Timetable
Corrected Weekend School 1 Timetable
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Download the complete Course Information Handbook
(53 pages)







Law Extension Committee
The University of Sydney
Ph: (02) 9392 0320
Fax: (02) 9392 0329

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