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In order to become eligible to enrol in the Diploma in Law course you must first register as a Student-at-Law.

To begin in May, you must submit your completed application to the LPAB no later than 1 March, and to begin in November, you must submit it no later than 1 September.

Please don't delay your application until these cut-off dates, as prospective students are registered progressively throughout the year. The earlier you apply, the earlier your application is likely to be approved.

Registered students enrol with the LPAB in late April and late October for the May and November semesters respectively. The LPAB and the LEC send enrolment information to students prior to the enrolment period.

Once you have enrolled with the LPAB you must register online with the LEC to access Subject Guides and supplementary resources.

If you hold any of the qualifications listed on the application form you may be eligible to enrol. These include:
You can qualify for entry to the course through the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). The STAT is a test that assesses your capabilities for tertiary study. You can undertake the STAT through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC). Contact the UAC on (02) 9752 0200 for more information. An overall STAT (Multiple Choice or STAT T) result of at least 149 is required for entry to the course.

Prospective students who have a disability are encouraged to contact the LPAB to discuss what relevant assistance may be available to them.



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