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Two semesters of evening lectures each year. There is one lecture in each subject per week, from 6.00pm to 8.30pm or 9.00pm. Lectures are held on the main campus of Sydney University and at the old Law School building (St James Campus) in Phillip Street.
Two or more weekend schools per semester. These are designed primarily for external students, but evening students may attend. Each school has an eight-hour program in each subject. There is an additional and essential weekend school for all new evening and external students which includes seminars in legal research and introductory lectures in the initial subject of Legal Institutions.
Specialised Sydney University Law Library services. Students have full access to the University's Law Library, and students living outside Sydney have extended loan entitlements and the use of postal loan and photocopying services. A specialist law librarian, legal research classes, and access to an extensive electronic reserve of materials are examples of the additional library resources that are provided.
Subject guides and synopses in all subjects and the Course Information Handbook prepared in collaboration with the Board.
Study skills workshops for new students.

Competitions for law students.

Since 1998 teams entered by the LEC have participated in competitions that emphasise fundamental practitioner skills: interviewing; negotiating; researching and submission preparation. Diploma in Law students who are willing to devote the time and accept responsibility for their participation are assisted through coaching, preliminary selection and competition registration.

LPAB/LEC students have reached the finals of both the Australian Client Interviewing and Negotiating Competition and, on two occasions, the Australian Negotiation Competition.

In 1998, Arlene Cooper and Ian Taylor represented Australia and won the inaugural International Negotiation Competition, held in Pepperdine University, Los Angeles.

In 2004, Patricia Vagg and Peter Starkey won the national Negotiation Competition and went on to represent Australia at the International Negotiation Competition, held in Paris and won by the Danish team from the University of Copenhagen.

In 2005 Rebecca Nott and Scott Bunny reached the semi-final of the inaugural Madhavrao Scindia Memorial International Moot held at the University of Delhi.

In April 2007, the LEC organised and hosted the prestigous Louis M Brown International Client Counseling Competition for 2007. The event was held at the University of Sydney and contested by teams from 16 countries.




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