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All students will require a UniKey Account to access the online library facilities, in the same way that students enrolled at the University log in to online resources.  

New LPAB/LEC students can generate their own UniKey Account through the LPAB Student Self-Registration page. Self-registration will commence from Monday 1 May 2017. (Please note that you must register for WebCampus before you can generate your UniKey.) Simply follow the links given on the LEC homepage and then the instructions on the page by entering your:

1. Student Number (this is the same Six Digit Student Number (e.g. 010000) that you use for your Webcampus Login)

2. Surname (this is title case sensitive, i.e. Smith not smith or SMITH)

3. Date of Birth

For existing students, your UniKey Account will be re-validated once you have completed your online registration with the LEC between 20 and 28 April 2017.

This process generates an account; however you will then need to assign your own password. Please note that the LEC does not have a record of that password. If you forget your password or have any problems with this process, you should telephone the ICT Help Desk on (02) 9351 6000. Their business hours are from 8am to 9pm. Passwords cannot be reset by email.

Further Information on UniKey Accounts?

Refer to the document in the Webcampus Course Materials section regarding off campus access and, for additional information on UniKey Accounts, please visit the Ask Sydney - ICT information page on the University of Sydney website.


The LPAB or University do not issue students with an email address. However, we would encourage all students to have or set up an email account that they check frequently, as this is one of the primary ways we contact students during semester.







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