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Discussion groups are provided for each of the 26 subjects in bulletin board format.

The forum section is designed to promote constructive discussion on issues and principles in law. For conditions of use, please refer to the Course Information Handbook and, in particular, "Studying Law with the LEC".

When using these forums, remember that you are engaged in a course of study leading to entry to the legal profession. Much of the communication between members of the profession, and between legal professionals and their clients, is now conducted using electronic forms of communication such as those found in these forums. Are you using them in a way which is helping you to develop appropriate forms of professional communication? If not, you should be.

Students are also advised generally in relation to electronic/web postings that a number of employers now conduct web searches on potential employees and take into consideration the nature of their postings on the web when considering whether or not an applicant would make a suitable employee in a professional office. Students should bear this is mind when making comments on the forums. Personal comments about another student are rarely likely to be regarded as professional and are an abuse of the opportunities provided by these forums.

The forums are designed primarily for you to discuss your studies and exchange ideas, and are also an effective way for students, especially external students, to get in contact with others studying the Diploma in Law course.

Some teachers have indicated their willingness to browse the discussions taking place and, if time allows, provide some input, however the discussions are designed to be student-driven.


1. Click on the Webcampus Login: QUICKLINK TO WEBCAMPUS LOGIN

2. A new window called "Student Login" will pop up. Enter your surname, student number and date of birth in the appropriate boxes and click "Login". Please note that the surname field is case sensitive, so if, for example, your surname is "Smith", enter "Smith", and not "SMITH" or "smith", and please ensure that your student number is 6 (six) digit - do not forget the 0 (zero).

3. On the left-hand side of the "Welcome" screen that that will now open, there is a series of red buttons, one of which is entitled "Forums". Click on "Forums" and then, on the next screen, the button "Enrol in Forums".

4.Select the discussion lists you wish to view by clicking on the appropriate boxes and then the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.

5. The titles of those lists you have selected to view will now be listed in the drop-down menu headed "Please Select".

6. Then simply select the title of a list from the drop-down menu to view entries on the bulletin board and to post to the board.

7. You will only receive an email from the bulletin board when someone has posted something new - but you can view and add to the board at any time.

You can change the lists you are subscribed to at any time by following the instructions above.




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