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Law of Associations is a description of some of the laws which regulate associations of individuals.  People often choose to group together in a regimented structure in order to conduct their activities.  The rationale behind the choice of the particular type of grouping will vary depending upon the needs at the time.  Taxation advantages, the desire to limit liability, and the need to generate capital externally are just some of the reasons behind this choice.

This course aims to introduce students to various types of associations which are the end result of the choice being made.  In particular, an introduction will be given to associations formed for profit-making purposes as well as those not formed for profit.  To this end, coverage is given to unincorporated and incorporated non-profit associations, partnerships and companies.

The course involves a critical analysis of decided cases and appropriate State and Federal legislation.  It also includes extensive reference to current developments in both corporate practice and academic journals. Knowledge of the problems associated with the current law is expected as is an appreciation of attempts to remedy shortcomings.



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