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Industrial law, or the law of employment, is the body of law that regulates the relationship between employers and employees, employers and trade unions, and trade unions and employees.

The Industrial Law course is a general introduction to industrial law, having the primary objective of introducing students to the minimum entitlements of employees and the system of collective bargaining which operates in Australia, and the common law contract of employment.  The course will also introduce students to the law (both common law and statute) relating to industrial disputes and industrial action. 

These objectives will be attained by an analysis of decisions of the relevant courts and tribunals, and statutory provisions.  Students will also be expected to consult the academic literature referred to in the course outline.

Lecture and weekend school timetables, prescribed materials, and assignment information are in the Subject Guide. Assignments and Supplementary Materials (where applicable) can be accessed from the Webcampus for current students.








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