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Legal Research and Study Skills
Exam Preparation and Problem Solving

The skills workshops are designed for students new to legal and/or tertiary studies, or students who have been away from tertiary study for an extended period. They will demonstrate study, research and exam preparation techniques that you may find beneficial in your time in the Diploma in Law program.

They are not the same as the Weekend Schools in Legal Institutions and Contracts, in that they are not expected to cover issues of substantive law arising in either subject. Examples may, however, be taken from either for the purposes of illustration. The skills workshops are intended to provide you with generic skills which will assist you not only with these topics but all through the LPAB course.

The workshops are not compulsory, but we urge all students with a limited recent background in tertiary study to attend.


Study Skills workshops will be held over two weekends: 5-6 June, and 31 July-1August. More information 31 July-1August.



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