Audit and Risk Management

Part of the OGC Portfolio, Audit and Risk Management (ARM) provides key services to the University, including internal audit, investigations, insurance and risk management.

Audits which have a financial and administrative focus and assess compliance with rules, procedures and controls are conducted by ARM. In addition, management reviews can be conducted to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an operation from a management and administrative perspective.

Information systems audits are also conducted by ARM, who assess the pre and post implementation phases of developing information systems and also assess housekeeping issues pertinent to information systems, such as security and environment.

ARM reports to the Finance & Audit Committee of Senate in respect to its audit activities.

ARM is also responsible for coordinating the University’s risk management framework and reporting to the Senior Executive Group and Safety & Risk Management Committee of Senate. In this role ARM maintains the University’s consolidated risk register and assists faculties and administrative areas in the development and maintenance of their local risk registers.

Assessments and investigations of allegations of corruption, maladministration and serious and substantial waste of public monies are conducted by ARM. It also provides the University’s liaison with the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and works with University management in respect to corruption prevention initiatives.

ARM is also responsible for coordinating the University’s management of all serious complaints. This involves liaison with HR, Research Portfolio, Student Services and other stakeholders, in addition to maintaining a record of all serious complaints received. ARM is also responsible for providing administrative support to the University’s Serious Complaints Committee.

ARM manages the University’s general insurance program (property, director & officer liability, motor vehicle, public liability etc).