Group Secretary

The Group Secretarial Office (GSO) within the Office of General Counsel assists the University to improve its corporate governance and enhance its ability to manage and support our staff and affiliates in the governance of entities. These entities include centres, institutes, foundations, student organisations, corporate subsidiaries and other associated and affiliated entities.

The Office of General Counsel maintains a legislative compliance framework for the University and responsibility for the review and updating of that framework is assigned to the Group Secretary.

The role of the GSO is to:

  • serve as an initial contact point for staff and affiliates to request advice about their corporate governance responsibilities when serving in governance roles with entities
  • coordinate production of information on the performance, operation and governance of University entities
  • act as the company secretary for those entities which do not otherwise have access to such support
  • provide advice on corporate governance, corporate law, instruments that govern the operation and administration of entities
  • provide technical assistance for staff and affiliates involved in the governance of entities
  • encourage and facilitate compliance with legislation, policies, procedures and principles of good corporate governance through the provision of advice to staff and the administration of a compliance framework system.

The GSO will:

  • increase the quality and availability of support for staff and affiliates and information about the governance of University entities
  • improve decisions about, and by these entities
  • lead to better risk management and increased compliance with regulatory requirements
  • help entities which engage with the community do so more effectively.

The Group Secretary operates an internal Register of Entities site and a Compliance Framework site. Please contact the Group Secretary for internal access.

Postal address for Group Secretary is:

University of Sydney OGC
Level 3, 71-79 Arundel Street
Forest Lodge NSW 2037

Ph: +61 2 9351 4545 Email: