Legislative Compliance

The University of Sydney's activities extend over a wide range of areas. Along with this diversity comes the obligation to comply with a wide range of laws and regulations.

Legislative compliance refers to how the University goes about meeting its legal obligations. The University’s legislative compliance program is designed to assist staff and affiliates in meeting these obligations.

The Compliance Framework

The Compliance Framework, maintained by the Group Secretarial Office, is a list of significant laws and regulations with which the University must comply and which may potentially expose it to risk in some areas of its operations.

The framework provides the following information:

  • An alphabetical listing of legislation.
  • The obligations that each piece of legislation imposes.
  • Links to the policies and procedures developed by the University to address the requirements of each piece of legislation.
  • Key contacts responsible for coordinating compliance with each Act.
  • Training available to assist staff in meeting their obligations.

The Group Secretarial Office

The Group Secretarial Office is available to assist with providing access to the Compliance Framework and any other queries in relation to compliance.

Please contact Alex Maitland on +61 2 9351 4545 or .