Former University of Sydney Foundations

The Senate of the University of Sydney has the power to create and terminate Foundations which are able to seek gifts and bequests on behalf of the University in accordance with its Gift Acceptance and Gift Administration policies.

Foundations work in close association with Faculties to provide support for teaching and research.

The Senate has terminated the following Foundations on the basis that their activities will continue to be conducted either by the Faculty with which they were associated or another Foundation associated with that Faculty.


Dental Health Foundation renamed Oral Health Foundation (est 5 March 1962)

Engineering and Information Technologies

Foundation for Information Technology (est 3 March 1986)
Aerospace Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Foundation formerly Aeronautical Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Foundation (est 7 Dec 1998)
Civil Engineering Foundation (est 1968)


Faculty of Pharmacy Foundation (est 1978)


Earth Resources Foundation (est 6 Sept 1976)
Cornforth Foundation for Chemistry (est 8 Aug 2002)
Nutrition Research Foundation (SUNRF est 5 March 1979)

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Foundation (est 5 Nov 1990)

Sydney Law School

Sydney Law School Foundation (est 1990)

Sydney Medical School

The following foundations have been merged into the Sydney Medical School Foundation.

Ear & Allied Research Foundation (est 7 Nov 1988)
Moran Foundation for Older Australians (est 5 Feb 2001)
Brain & Mind Research Foundation (est 1 Dec 2003)
Dermatology Research Foundation (est 5 Dec 1998)
Ageing & Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (est 6 Sep 1993)
Bone & Joint Research Foundation (est 7 Dec 1987)
Endocrinology & Diabetes Research Foundation (est 1 Feb 1988)
Save Sight Institute Foundation (est 6 May 1985)
Sydney Burns Foundation (est 3 Nov 2008)
Microsearch Foundation of Australia (est 1 Sep 2006)

Veterinary Science

Postgraduate Foundation of Veterinary Science (est 1965)

Other Units

University of Sydney Union Foundation (est 26 July 1996)
Sydney University Cricket Club Foundation (est 4 Dec 1989)


If you require any further information about these Foundations please contact the Office of the Dean in the relevant faculty.

For the Cricket Foundation, please contact David Collins, University of Sydney Sports Foundation, (02) 9351 7962.

For the University of Sydney Union Foundation, please contact The Provost’s Office.

If your query is about a bequest to a Foundation, please contact the Bequests Office.