Foundation news

Foundation fundraising information

The Development Office have developed various guides and templates to assist foundations and other fundraisers in their fundraising campaigns. They are available on the Register of Entities. For more bespoke material you should contact the .

A Fundraising Plan is now available and should be completed and submitted for approval to the appropriate University officer. Once approved, it should be sent to , Development Manager - University Foundations so that Development can better coordinate and assist fundraising across the University.

GST and other taxation issues should be considered when fundraising. You may wish to contact the University's Finance Management Department for more details, however please do not give taxation advice to donors. Donors should always be referred to their own tax accountant or solicitor for advice.

Sydney Development Fund to assist foundations

The role of the Sydney Development Fund includes identifying and assessing the philanthropic potential of the University foundations and working with them to improve their fundraising efforts. Foundations requiring assistance can contact the where members of the team will be available to meet and provide advice on fundraising.

Foundation financial reports

Each foundation's financial information and reporting is contained within the University's Hyperion accounting system. Council papers should include two management reports for foundations:

  • SUGLR545F: I & E statements with a mini balance sheet at the bottom of the report; and
  • SUGLR141F: Summary project report with individual projects in rows and summarised classifications in columns.

These will ensure councils are provided with current financial information at each meeting. Please contact (02) 9351 2774 (or extension 12274) for further information.

Each council must convene an annual budget meeting on or before the date set by the Chief Financial Officer in order to approve their budget. Check with your Faculty Finance Director for further information.