About us

The Policy Management Unit was established in 2010. We provide legal and policy skills to administrative portfolios and faculties, to maintain and improve the University’s internal policy framework.

Our main activities include:

  • maintaining the Policy Register, the University’s official repository of policy documents
  • managing requests for approval to develop new policies or amend existing ones
  • developing drafting protocols and templates for University policy documents
  • providing training in policy drafting and development and the use of template documents
  • assisting with developing and drafting policy
  • reviewing existing policy documents
  • identifying new policy requirements
  • developing systematic processes for reviewing, publishing and improving policy documents

At present our principal projects are:

  • continuing to improve the Policy Register
  • conducting a systematic, area by area review of the University’s existing policies
  • undertaking an extensive series of presentations to groups of staff about the University's governance and policy frameworks