Templates and forms


Templates for each of the policy, procedures, guidelines and local provisions documents have been prepared using Microsoft Word 2010.

We know the templates are complicated! We can provide training in how to use them, and in policy drafting generally.

Only paste text into your document without formatting. If you bring pre-existing formatting with your text, then the formatting in the template is likely to be corrupted. Use the “paste special” "unformatted text" command rather than keyboard shortcuts.

Use the styles. Each of the template documents uses preformatted styles for paragraphs, headings and other components. These styles will automatically set out your text in an appropriate manner. However, they affect more than just appearances. They will also underpin accessibility tools for those who need to use them. It is important therefore that you actually use the styles rather than simply typing text in a manner which looks like the style.

Use the “notes” style to cross reference other documents. Wherever possible you should provide the reader with a means of locating any document which is referred to in your text. The “notes” style is provided for this purpose.

Keep the white space. The templates provide lots of room between paragraphs, which means that the document you prepare is likely to be longer than you intended. This is deliberate, as white space promotes readability. Don’t close up gaps or reduce the font size.

Remember that the definitions in the policy template are formatted as a table. This means that each term and its meaning should be in a different cell. The table has no borders, but you could insert and then remove them if this helps during the drafting process.

Read our tips for drafting policy documents before you start. Each template contains detailed instructions on its use, and these instructions need to be deleted after they have been read. Using the templates requires some familiarity with Microsoft Word and an understanding of using styles in Word.


The Polices Development and Review Procedures prescribe the forms to be used for obtaining approval to develop a policy and for having a developed policy or amendment adopted.

Summary details of approved proposals, and relevant contact officers, can be found here.

If you have difficulty with or questions about these templates or forms, please contact the University Policy Manager.