Templates and forms


Templates for each of the policy, procedures, guidelines and local provisions documents have been prepared using Microsoft Word 2007. They can be downloaded here.

We know the templates are complicated! We can provide training in how to use them, and in policy drafting generally. Contact the University Policy Manager to enquire about training.

Each template contains detailed instructions on its use, and these instructions need to be deleted after they have been read. Using the templates requires some familiarity with Microsoft Word.


The Polices Development and Review Procedures prescribe the forms to be used for obtaining approval to develop a policy and for having a developed policy or amendment adopted. These are Microsoft Word forms, and can be downloaded here.

To have approved documents registered, use the web based form which is available here.

If you have difficulty with or questions about these forms, please contact the University Policy Manager.

  • Use this form to request approval from General Counsel to develop a new policy or an amendment to an existing policy.
  • Use this form to submit a final proposed policy or amended policy to a determining authority for adoption.
  • Use this web form to have approved documents registered.

The Policies Development and Review Rule requires General Counsel’s approval before a new policy or an amendment to an existing policy is developed. Summary details of approved proposals, and relevant contact officers, can be found here.