Research Contracts

Each year, the University of Sydney enters into many hundreds of contracts for research performed at the University. The OGC provides advice and legal support to the Research Portfolio, Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) and staff regarding the terms of these agreements. The OGC has also assisted in the preparation of various standard University agreements to streamline the contract negotiation process. Some of these agreements are publicly accessible on the CDIP website.

The University classifies a project or activity as either ‘research’ or ‘consultancy’ based on the nature of the work to be performed. Projects or activities where the University is engaged in the original investigation of new knowledge are classified by the University as research projects. Contract research projects generally relate to applied research and may include process and/or technology development.

Projects or activities that involve the application of existing knowledge or expertise to achieve particular targeted outcomes are classified by the University as consultancy projects. The University provides a range of consultancy services which includes but is not limited to analysis and advice, preparation and delivery of training materials, and literature review and reports. The University also provides testing services which typically involve the use of University staff and equipment, machinery or instruments to perform standardised tests for an external party.

Research agreements with non-commercial entities (e.g. government, not-for-profit funding bodies, etc) are managed by the Research Portfolio of the University, with legal support from the OGC.

Research agreements with commercial entities, as well as ARC Linkage partner agreements, consultancy and testing agreements with both commercial and non-commercial entities, are managed by the office of CDIP with legal support from the OGC.

Material Transfer Agreements governing the transfer of materials to another organisation, or the receipt of materials from another organisation, are also processed by the office of CDIP.

In the first instance, researchers should contact the appropriate office with any research related enquiries. For more information please see the contracts information here, or contact the OGC directly for assistance.