Library facilities for clients with a disability, by library

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Outline of facilities and access available by library
Library name Facility
Camden Ground floor library
Parking outside library
Height-adjustable chairs at computer workstations
Accessible telephone
Wheelchair accessible – automatic doors
Accessible toilet
Conservatorium Lift to all floors
Parking for short periods, outside the library, can be arranged with Conservatorium building attendants
Wheelchair accessible
Accessible toilet on same level as library
Dentistry Lift to all floors, library is on Level 8
Designated parking available on Chalmers Street
Wheelchair accessible
Accessible toilet
Fisher Parking outside the library
Lift to all floors
Accessible toilets on levels 2-9.
Assistive computer technology

For specialised assistance with:
  • photocopying journal articles
  • requesting book retrievals
  • requesting items from our other libraries
  • retrieving physical resources
Health Sciences Parking outside the library, along Service Road
Wheelchair accessible
Stair lift to 2nd floor
Accessible telephone at the Information desk and outside the library near the cafeteria
Accessible toilets on levels 1 and 2
Assistive computer technology in designated study room with internal phone (ext. 19604 ) and an emergency button.
Law Accessible sliding doors entrance
Accessible toilet
Lift access to Mezzanine
Accessible entrance to Fisher Library
Ground floor access from Barff Road, Lift access from Law School
Access from the Law School from Eastern Avenue: take the lift from Level 2 to L Level
Medical Wheelchair accessible
Lift access up to library on level 3.
One designated parking place behind the Bosch Lecture Theatre (Bosch 1A)
Height-adjustable desk, chair and computer
Nursing Wheelchair accessible side entrance
Lift to library on Level 2 (open lift available to move between mezzanine areas on Level 2)
Designated parking spaces available on Mallett Street (in front of Brain & Mind Research Institute)
Information and circulation desk with accessible height section
Accessible toilet near the library
Schaeffer Wheelchair access to 1st floor
No nearby parking available
Accessible photocopier
The SciTech Library Wheelchair accessible
Parking outside the library(at a little distance in Maze Crescent)
Lift access
Height-adjustable desk and computer
Study room
Telephone (accessible)
Toilets (accessible)
Sydney College of the Arts No lift. Library entrance is on ground floor and is wheelchair accessible, but collection is on 1st floor
Parking outside the library
Accessible toilet on ground floor
Accessible photocopier

*  Important lift information: In the event of a fire alarm, the lifts cannot be used. If you are unable to leave the buildings via the stairs, you should wait at the nearest designated Refuge Point in one of the stairwells.
Library Fire Wardens will inform the Fire Services if anyone is waiting at a Refuge Point.

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