University of Sydney Client Satisfaction Survey 2010 Results

Full survey data report (PDF, 362 pages, 2.50 MB)

You told us, we listened and we are making improvements

Over 3,254 people took the opportunity to tell us what they think about their Library, areas where we are delivering and where we need to make improvements.  In addition, 1,716 people took the time to provide written responses to open ended questions.

This survey is one way that helps  identify what services and resources are most important to clients, how we are performing in the delivery of these areas and identifying priority areas for improvement. The overall score was 76.1%.  This is a score increase of 3.3% since the previous survey in 2008.

What is most important?

Respondents reported that access to online resources (e.g. eJournals, databases and eBooks) to meet learning needs was most important.  This was followed closely by access to Library resources and services when away from the campus.  Other variables ranked of high importance, included: Library staff available to help and provide accurate answers, ease of use of the catalogue and the website and being able to find items on the shelves

What do you think we do best?

Survey respondents told us that they though the Library was performing highest in the following areas: staff provide accurate answers, are approachable, helpful and readily available to assist;  when away from campus access the Library resources and services is available; online resources (e.g. eJournals, databases, eBooks) are available to meet learning and research needs and the Library website is easy to use.

Identified areas for improvement

Respondents suggested that we need to improve in the following areas:

Areas for improvement What are we doing?

Computer availability, wireless access and places to use my laptop.

Each Library now provides wireless access and we provide access to 500 computers.  Future renovations planned for the Fisher Library will provide wireless enabled technology enriched learning environments. We have introduced time limits on all computers so that this resource can be shared.

Finding items on the shelves

The renovation of the Fisher Library will reduce the height of the shelving on some floors of the Fisher Library. There will also be the creation of a high demand collection. These changes should see improvements in finding items on the shelves as the collection will be more accessible.  Provision of more eBooks and eJournals means that information is available 24/7.

Quiet study spaces

Where possible we have designated particular floors either quiet or group study zones.  We hope that this will cater for both learning needs.  The Fisher renovation will deliver more of these distinctive areas with better acoustic treatments.

You can email the following library staff if you have any queries about the survey or the 2010 results: