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Housed in the nine-storey stack building, the Fisher collection aims to provide resources for the staff and students of the Faculty of Arts, Education, Social Work, School of Business and some schools and departments in the Faculty of Science, including Psychology. There are approximately 600,000 items stored on Floors 3 to 9.

The collection comprises the following material:

  • Resources for research into the humanities (archaeology, art history and theory, classics, history, languages, literature, music, philosophy, and religious studies), social sciences (anthropology, economics, education, government, politics, and social work), psychology, history & philosophy of science, and computing science. Material supporting student course work is generally available in multiple copies. Most items may be borrowed for 8 weeks (unless recalled) and you may place a hold on items on loan by using the ‘Request item’ button in the catalogue.
  • Serials (except for current newspapers) are interfiled throughout the collection. Current newspapers are currently housed in the Fisher Library Foyer on Floor 3. Both serials and newspapers are generally not for loan.
  • Folios are large format publications which are not easily accommodated on standard shelving. They are shelved in their own Dewey sequence at the end of the main sequence on Floor 9.
  • DVDs and CDs are interfiled throughout the collection.  Most of these items are available for 8 week loan, with renewals, unless recalled. Non-standard formats are currently housed on Floor 9.
  • The Parliamentary papers of the Commonwealth and states of Australia are held on Floor 9. Remaining government publications are located in the Law Library or Storage. Please check locations in the Library catalogue.
  • Microforms are currently shelved on Floors 2 (000-812) and 9 (813-999) and are not for loan.


Compactus collection

Located on Floor 1, the Compactus will house Fisher's microform collection. Microform readers and scanners will also be available on Floor 1.



The resources to support students and pre-service teachers developing practice skills associated with Early Childhood to Year 12 teaching (such as NSW curriculum practices and policy documents, syllabus documents for each subject, realia and kits) are currently on Floor 9. Publications wholly or largely supporting educational theory and children’s literature, from pre-school to young adult, are interfiled in the main collection.


East Asian

Currently housed on Floor 7, the collection comprises material published in Chinese, Japanese and Korean vernacular scripts and is the third largest East Asian collection in Australia with over 123,350 volumes. It has both local and national roles in supporting research and teaching.

Areas of particular strength include:

Ancient Architecture

Political Science


Works in the collection on science consist mainly of dictionaries of science and technology and works of current topical interest. Theoretical and technical publications relating to science and technology are excluded. Publications in western languages on China, Japan and Korea are integrated with the Fisher collection, as are works in other vernacular scripts such as Hebrew, Greek, Arabic or Thai. Items in the collection are generally available for 8 week loan.

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Rare Books and Special Collections

Rare Books and Special Collections holds manuscripts and early printed books, high-quality facsimiles, examples of fine printing and binding and modern limited editions. Also held are notable special collections in science fiction, detective fiction and erotica.  All higher degree theses and publications of the University of Sydney are included in the collection. Items in the collection are not available for loan as they are considered irreplaceable, fragile, vulnerable, or have restricted access. However, subject to these restrictions, material may be used in the Rare Book Reading Room which is currently housed on Floor 2.


Reference Collection

A small collection of dictionaries, encyclopaedias, directories and manuals in high demand is housed behind the Information Desk on Floor 3. Also available are indexes to government publications (comprising the parliamentary debates and papers of the Commonwealth and states of Australia as well as New Zealand and Papua-New Guinea). Reference material is not for loan.


2 Hour Collection

Currently housed on Floor 2 of the Fisher Library stack wing, the 2 Hour collection contains material listed as required reading for course work. Items are generally available for a 2 hour loan period or overnight to maximise access due to high demand. Most journal articles and book chapters on reading lists are digitised and available either through the Library catalogue, or through individual unit of study sections of the learning management system. More information may be found on the Fisher Library collection page.

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