Disposal procedures


The number of monographs will not be large as only duplicates and volumes in poor physical condition will be considered for disposal. 


There are more than 4 kilometres of journals to which the University has online access, and for which there is guaranteed archival access and for which there is at least one print copy in another Australian library that has guaranteed the copy will be kept in perpetuity.  In most instances, print copies of these journals have not been received since 2002.  Retaining all of these volumes will add considerably to the University’s storage costs and provide no substantial additional benefit to research and learning.  Volumes will be retained in storage if the digital version is not identical to the print version especially in the reproduction of images.  Library staff members periodically undertake reviews of journals available in digital versions to check the quality of images and the completeness of the digital version.  Title by title discussions will be held with academic staff before journals are disposed.  Journals for which the University does not have guaranteed digital archival or which are available only in print will be retained.


Newspapers are the major microfilm holdings that may be considered for disposal as the Library has online subscriptions for which there is guaranteed digital archival access.

Disposal process

Disposal of volumes from the collection will be undertaken as appropriate in the following sequence:

  • offered to other libraries (as most Australian libraries are undertaking similar processes, it is rarely possible to dispose of unwanted volumes in this way.  Libraries overseas are also often unwilling to take discarded volumes if they are obsolete or are inappropriate to the activities of the university), or if not accepted by other libraries
  • offered to academic units to supplement departmental working collections, or if not required

  • made available to individual academic staff, students and other users of the Library, or if not taken

  • offered to the Chancellor’s Book Fair, or if not required

  • sent for recycling



1     The University collaborates with other G08 universities to guarantee the retention of print copies of journal issues now available in digital format.  Each university has identified titles for which it will take archival responsibility.  This arrangement only applies to existing print holding, libraries are not obliged to continue their print subscriptions.


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