For You...

What's in it for you - other than the recognition that you will be helping with a very necessary and, not to put it too highly, an inspiring task - the support of a great library? A library whose collections include materials that pre-date the invention of printing.

Very few Australian university libraries hold important rare book collections, and its rare book collections are a distinctive strength of the University of Sydney Library.

It was The Friends who in the 1970s bought one of the Library's most significant mediaeval manuscripts - The Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Use of Paris.

As a Friend of the University of Sydney Library you will not only support the network of information of which the Library is an integral part, but you will become part of a personal network - a network of like-minded people with a common interest in the work of the University Library.

Please become a Friend. A warm welcome awaits you. Whatever you choose to give is deductible for income tax.

Among the benefits of joining will be:

  • Periodic meetings of The Friends usually commencing at 6pm, with wine, cheese and other light refreshment prior to an interesting talk by a knowledgeable speaker, which may cover some aspect of the Library's collection or of university life, topics of literary interest, etc. Some are illustrated, and there are occasional outside visits, sometimes in tandem with another group or society.
  • Receipt of the Library Newsletter issued three or four times a year.
  • Advance notice of exhibitions held in the display area adjacent to the Rare Book Library on Level 2 of Fisher Library.

Please join us!

For the Library...

One of the objectives of The Friends is to maintain the standing of the University of Sydney Library as the leading university library in the country. To ensure this the Friends must support the Library in both its new as well as its traditional role.

Beyond those resources the Library provides to support teaching and research are works - rare, significant or beautiful in themselves - that enrich the minds of scholars.

The Friends work with the Library to provide such works, through acquisition, preservation and new forms of access.

The legacy of the Friends can be found in these works. A legacy provided through the Library to the University, to scholars and to the community.

Please join us!