Functions and talks arranged by the Friends 1962-1984

1984 6-Nov Consul General of the German Federal Republic The launch at the State Library of NSW of John Fletcher's book John Degotardi, Printer, Publisher and Photographer with the Book Collectors' Society.
1984 24-Oct Associate Professor Alan Crown   The Archive of Australian Judaica.
1984 17-Sep Mr J Noble (Library of Spink and Son)  Visit to the Library of Spink and Son, Australian division of famous London coin dealers, with talk on special items in the collection.
1984 13-Aug Mr Richard Landon (University of Toronto) Development and administration of Rare Book Libraries.
1984 17-Jul Emeritus Professor  Oliver Lancaster   Bibliographies and Biographies of Scientists.
1984 7-May Dr. Neil Radford (Library) Who was Thomas Fisher? 1984 was the centenary of Fisher's death.
1984 26-Mar   F. Carleton (German) The Early Imprints Project.
1983 10-Nov   Nancy Bird Walton   They printed so few: early aviation books.
1983 29-Oct         Visit to the James Hardie Library. Guide: R. Holden (Librarian). (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1983 11-Aug Dr. J. Masselos (History) Traditions of book illustration in India (illustrated).
1983 28-Jun Dr. B. Kiernan (English) Researches on Henry Lawson.
1983 10-May   Janet Hine   Indexing today, from cottage industry to computer.
1983 28-Mar         The Friends (S. Levine) present to the Library the Three Millionth Book. Address: H. Bryan (National Library of Australia).
1983 9-Mar   J. Fletcher   J. N. Degotardi, printer, publisher, photographer. (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1982 23-Nov Professor R. I. Jack (History) Collecting Australian local history.
1982 5-Oct   Suzanne Mourot   Material concerning botany and botanists in the Mitchell Library.
1982 9-Aug Dr. Nerida Newbigin (Italian) From the Creator to the Last Judgement: uncatalogued plays in Italian libraries.
1982 15-Jun   M. Solling   Local history, why and how it is written.
1982 27-Apr   S. Budavari   On the Bibliotheca Corviniana.
1982 16-Mar Dr. A. D. Crown (Semetic Studies) The scientific examination of some Samaritan manuscripts.
1981 28-Nov         Visit to Berkelouw's Book Barn in Berrima.
1981 29-Oct Dr. R. I. Alston (British Library) On collecting ephemera. (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1981 15-Sep Dr. A. Osborn   Some pitfalls in writing family and local history.
1981 28-Jul   K. Harding   Books and their bindings (illustrated).
1981 22-Jun   K. Smith (Archivist) Archives and libraries.
1981 2-Jun   Shirley Singer and   On Australia's first participation in the Jerusalem Book Fair of 1981. (With the Australia-Israel Society for Cultural Exchange.)
    Colonel A. W. Sheppard  
1981 5-May   J. Fletcher (German) The Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbuttel revisited (illustrated).
1981 9-Mar Dr. B. Haneman   On collecting Quixote (illustrated).
1980 5-Nov         Visit to to the New South Wales Parliamentary Library. Guide: Dr. R. Cope (Librarian).
1980 21-Oct   G. L. Fischer (Archivist) On the University of Sydney Archives (illustrated). 
1980 30-Jul   C. M. Hotimsky   On items from his collection of Russian and Australian material on the Pacific areas (illustrated).
1980 9-Jul         Farewell dinner for Mr. And Mrs. H. Bryan.
1980 11-Jun   Pauline Dickinson (Library) Aspects of science fiction collecting (illustrated).
1980 5-May   J. Fletcher (German) The provenances of 16th-century books in NSW.
1980 19-Apr         Sale of antiquarian books.
1980 6-Mar   Virginia Wayland (USA) The history of playing cards in the Far East (Illustrated)
1979 29-Nov Dr. F. Forster (Melbourne) Early Australian publications on birth control (illustrated).
1979 10-Nov         Visit to the Macarthur-Onslow Library at Camden Park. Guide: Associate Professor R. I. Jack. (History).
1979 23-Oct         An evening in the Macleay Museum. Guide: Dr. P. J. Stanbury (Curator).
1979 20-Aug   B. Dyster (University of NSW) Inventing the suburbs and making a fortune.
1979 30-Jun   W. R. Cummings   Experiences in book collecting. (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1979 11-Jun         An evening with Galway Kinnell. (With the Christopher Brennan Society.)
1979 7-Apr         Sale of antiquarian books. (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1979 26-Mar   Patricia Quinn (Bank of NSW) Books for bankers.
1979 19-Feb         Visit to the Lane-Mullins Collection in Sancta Sophia College, Sydney. Guide: J. Fletcher (German).
1978 9-Oct   K. Turnell (Sydney Technical College) Modern binding techniques (illustrated).
1978 26-Aug Professor B. Hickey (Venice) Australian literature in Italy. (With the Fellowship of Australian Writers, the Book Collectors' Society of Australia and the Christopher Brennan Society.)
1978 21-Jun Associate Professor T. G. Vallance (Geology and Geophysics) Books and rocks: notes of a Sabbatical in Britain and Switzerland.
1978 9-May   Margaret Sankey (French) On a Cyrano de Bergerac manuscript recently acquired by the Library.
1978 6-Apr   Jean Stone   The writings of Katherine Mansfield.
1978 27-Feb   J. Holroyd   John Ingleton and the Ingleton Collection.
1978 29-Jan         Visit to the library of St. Patrick's College, Manly. Guide: H. Arns (Librarian).
1977 22-Nov         Visits to a) the Catholic Archives in St. Mary's Cathedral (Mons. C. Duffy) and b) the Rabbi Falk Memorial Library at the Great Synagogue (Rabbi R. Apple).
1977 11-Oct   Barbara Palmer (Library) Out-of-print books for the book collector, the bookseller and the librarian.
1977 23-Aug   J. Fletcher (German) The history and growth of the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbuttel.
1977 29-Jun   D. Levine   On collecting military books.
1977 21-May         Manuscripts afternoon. With W. Stone and J. Fletcher (German). (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1977 11-May   H. Bryan (Library) University Libraries in Britain (illustrated).
1977 27-Apr         Launching of the Zimrat Haaretz (facsimile reprint). Inauguration of the Library's Sir Asher Joel Microfiche Collection in Hebrew Studies. Chairman: Dr. A. D. Crown (Semetic Studies). (With the Hebrew Society.)
1977 8-Mar   S. Levine   The banknote as a historical document.
1977 15-Feb   C. M. Hotimsky (London, Ontario) Collecting Australiana overseas. (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1976 15-Sep   R. I. Rosenthal (Joseph Regenstein Library, Chicago) The trade in antiquarian books. (With the Library Association of Australia.)
1976 24-Aug Dr. B. McMullin (Monash University) The bibliographical press movement. With a visit to and a print-in at The Pisctor Press (H. Bryan).
1976 7-Jul         A Christopher Brennan Evening. With A. Clark, J. Fletcher and R. Marsden. (With the Cristopher Brennan Society.)
1976 2-Jun         The Friends (W. Stone) present to the Library the Two millionth Book. Address: Dr. A. Osborn.
1976 26-May   Nancy Keesing   The life and work of C. J. Dennis (illustrated). (With the English Association, Sydney Branch.)
1976 5-May   J. Fletcher (German) The history and holdings of the Library of St. Patrick's College, Manly (illustrated).
1976 3-Mar   E. F. D Roberts (National Library of Scotland) Books in the Middle Ages (illustrated). (With the Librar Association of Australia (NSW).)
1975 22-Oct Professor G. D. Kilpatrick (Oxford) Manuscripts and the New Testament.
1975 27-Aug Associate Professor W. Kirsop (Monash University) Australian book-selling and publishing in the 1860s.
1975 10-Jul         Visit to the Bishop Broughton Memorial Library at Moore Theological College, Sydney. Guide: K. Robinson (Librarian).
1975 7-May   M. Wilding (English) The social and literary role of small private presses.
1974 26-Oct         Visit to Library of St. Patrick's College, Manyl. Guide J. Fletcher (German).
1974 16-Sep Sir Victor Windeyer   On law books in his collection (illustrated).
1974 6-Aug   G. L. Fischer (Archivist) If books can be archives, are archivists librarians (But never vice-versa)?
1974 13-Jun         Members' Evening. Chaired by W. Stone.
1974 7-May   H. Bryan (Library) On the Library's collections since 1963.
1974 26-Mar Dr. J. Masselos (History) Traditions in Indian art (illustrated).
1973 23-Oct Dr. P. J. Stanbury (Macleay Museum) Lives and books. The lives of the biologists Darwin and Wallace, and some bibliographical details of Darwin's books.
1973 14-Sep Dr. A. Osborn   Some reflections on collecting.
1973 1-Aug   A. Roberts (History) The Abbey and the Witches' houses (illustrated). (With the Australian Society for Historical Archaeology.)
1973 27-Jun Professor E. C. B. MacLaurin (Semetic Studies) On items in his collection.
1973 8-May         Films of the Library.
1973 13-Apr Associate Professor B. Gandevia (University of NSW) Collecting medical and quack Australiana. (Held at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.)
1972 29-Nov Dr. S. T Knight (English) Mrs. Chadwick and her collection.
1972 28-Sep Professor A. Brown (London) The gentle art of dedicating books.
1972 25-Jul Dr. M. G. Carter (Semetic Studies) Fisher Library and Arabic.
1972 10-May   J. V. S Megaw (Archaeology) The Celtic connection (illustrated).
1972 13-Apr Professor L. R. Chambers (French) Problems in collecting books in foreign languages fro Australian universities.
1971 1-Dec   W. Stone   The enemies of books.
1971 19-Aug         Opening of exhibition of Renaissance and 17th-century books. Guide: Dr. A. Reimer (English).
1971 8-Jun   B. K. Martin (English) Aspects of the medieval book and book illustration.
1970 30-Jun Professor B. Smith (Fine Arts) The Power Institute of Fine Arts and the Power Research Library.
1970 9-May         Film: The Restoration of Books: Florence, 1968.
1970 30-Apr Dr. A. W. James (Greek) Books from his collection (illustrated).
1969 4-Dec Dr. A. D. Crown (Semetic Studies) Two medieval Hebrew manuscripts in the Nicholsan Bequest.
1969 16-Oct   Beatrices Wines (Library) The new Fisher Library: a personal view. (With the Arts Association.)
1969 10-May         Film: The True University.
1968 4-Dec         Retirement of Sir Edward Ford. To mark the occasion the Library acquires a copy of Crooke's Microcosmographia (London, 1615).
1968 16-Oct   G. D. Richardson (Public Library of NSW) A storehouse for the nation's literature: the Public Library of New South Wales.
1968 28-Aug   W. Stone   Items from his collection. 
      Pamela Green (Library) On books of the 16th-18th centuries, from the Library's collections. (With the Book Collectors' Society of Australia.)
1968 27-Jun   H. Price   Sydney University Press: three years of publishing.
1968 8-May Professor J. Dunstan (Latin) Early Italian book illumination (illustrated). (With the Arts Association.)
1968 15-Mar Sir Edward Ford   Some association copies. Exhibitions from: German Consulate-General and of: Sir Edward Ford's gifts to the Library and of: items associated with Sir Edward's war-time service in New Guinea.
1967 15-Nov         Members' Evening. Chaired by Pamela Green (Library).
1967 4-Oct   I. W. A. Spink (Music) Handel, sources and resources.
1967 29-Jul         Opening of exhibition of medieval manuscripts. Guide: Dr. K. V. Sinclair (French).
1967 7-Jul Professor K. F. Russell (University of Melbourne) The medieval doctor and his patient (illustrated).
1967 22-Apr   J. J. Graneek (A.N.U) Neither rich nor rare: an enquiry into the nature of certain old books. Exhibition of historic medical books.
1966 24-Nov         The Friends (Sir Edward Ford) present to the Library the One Millionth Book.
1966 3-Nov Dr. W. Kirsop (French) Prospects for the history of the Australian book trade.
1966 21-Oct   J. V. S Megaw (Archaeology) Penny-whistles and pre-history (illustrated).
1966 30-Jun   N. J. B Plomley   In search of the Tasmanian: a journey among the records in Australia and Europe.
1966 18-Mar   B. Scott (Macquarie University) On establishing a new university library. Exhibition of Islamic books and manuscripts: opened by Dr. Frowein, Consul-General for the Netherlands.
1965 29-Oct         Film evening. Images of Medievales, The Searching Heart and Love of Books. Commentators: Dr. R. I. Jack (History) and J. V. S. Megaw (Archaeology).
1965 24-Sep         Members' Evening. Chaired by Professor G. A. Wilkes (English).
1965 27-Mar   J. Metcalfe (University of NSW) Education for librarianship at home and abroad.
1964 20-Nov         Members' Evening. Chaired by Sir John Ferguson.
1964 4-Jul         Private viewing of exhibition of Russian books. Subsequently declared opened by G. D. Richardson (Public Library of NSW) Guide: C. M. Hotimsky (Library).
1964 21-Mar Professor J. M. Ward (History) On Libraries in USA and England.
1963 28-Sep         Private viewing of exhibition of medieval manuscripts, and facsimiles. Talk by Dr. R. I. Jack (History).
1963 6-Sep         Function at the official Opening of the new Fisher Library. This included a "rousing recruiting call" by Sir Edward Ford.
1963 9-Aug   H. Bryan (Library) On university libraries in the UK and USA (illustrated).
1963 11-Mar Sir Frank Francis (British Museum) Sir Frank talked "with charming discursiveness" on libraries.
1962 31-Mar Dr. A. Osborn (Library) Inaugural address. Tour of work-site of the new Fisher Library.