Ordering research material

Order requests can be submitted in a number of different formats:

Using e-mail to send your order requests

If you prefer to submit lists of titles by e-mail or as an e-mail attachment, please send a short message, quoting your fund code and including as much bibliographic information as possible, to your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Annotated publishers' announcements (blurbs)

We are able to accept most publishers' announcements (blurbs) and catalogues, provided they are annotated very clearly with your fund code and library location beside each title to be ordered. It is essential that there be some free space on the paper work to accommodate internal library stamping and annotating.

Unfortunately, those dealer's catalogues which contain very densely packed information in multiple columns per page, are not suitable.

Should you wish to have catalogues returned to you after we have finished ordering from them, please indicate this with a note, and attach it securely to the catalogue in question.

 Sources of new book information

Contact our Academic Liaison Librarians or our Collection Services Team if you require further information on ordering research material.