Course proposals - Library Impact Statement

Proposals for new courses or units of study, or major changes to existing courses or units, are required to include an assessment by the University Librarian of the possible impact on library resources and services. A Library Impact Statement must be included with the documentation sent to the Academic Board committee which considers the proposal.

In order to facilitate the creation of Library Impact Statements, the University Librarian has delegated the authority to approve these statements to the Directors responsible for library services.

Proposals for new courses and units of study, and major changes, with relevant supporting documentation such as unit/course descriptions and reading lists, should be forwarded to the appropriate Academic Liaison Librarian for investigation at least one week before the Library Impact Statement is required. A recommendation from the Academic Liaison Librarian will be forwarded to the relevant Director for final approval.

Staff are encouraged to contact their Academic Liaison Librarian as early as possible when planning new courses so appropriate library resources and services can be considered and where possible, organised before the course commences.