Guideline on the removal of unattended items

The University of Sydney Library provides environments that are available for learning and research.  Library space is a limited resource and it is important that it is available to all members of the University community who are seeking a space to study and learn.  Personal items left on tables, computer workstations and seats prevent the use of this learning space by others.  To maximise the use of Library study space it is required that personal items are not left unattended on tables and seats.

Personal items left unattended in any public space, including libraries increases the risk of theft.  Each semester a small number of students suffer the loss of computers, wallets, textbooks and other valuable items.  By taking your personal items with you, the instances of theft in the libraries will reduce, and will also have the benefit of maximising the available study space for others.
Personal items left unattended in a University library, for more than one hour, may be removed by library staff. When staff  become aware that such items have been left unattended, they will leave a  courtesy “Look after your belongings”  note  with the date and time when the items were observed as having been left unattended. 

If these items remain unattended after one hour, they may be removed by library staff to enable other library clients to make use of the space. A notice will be left where the items have been removed.  This notice includes the date and time that the items were removed.    Removed items can be retrieved at the Information Desk  or  the Fisher  Library Security Desk.   

Removed items are kept in the library for a short time and then collected by University Security as lost property.  More information about lost property and its disposal is available here.

The University Library accepts no responsibility for  the loss, theft or damage to any items of personal property whilst you are in the Library.