Study spaces in the Library

Whether you need to concentrate in a quiet space, work quietly with a friend or study in a group there is place for you in the Library.

Choose the right zone for your study needs

no talking, individual study, phones on silent brief, quiet conversations and phone use group discussion, phone friendly, no parties

Help us maintain a suitable environment in which you and others can learn and study

Tips for dealing with noise in study spaces

  • Feel free to respectfully let someone know if they are disturbing you. They may be unaware of the impact they are having on you.
  • Some students like to wear noise cancelling headphones.
  • If a persistent noise issue is disturbing your study, please contact a Library staff member.

Take care of your belongings

  • Study and computer spaces are in high demand. If you are leaving for a period of time take your belongings with you to allow others to use the space.
  • Keep your valuables with you at all times. Your belongings are not secure if you leave them unattended.
  • Our guideline on the removal of unattended items.

Food and drink
Enjoy your beverages and cold food whilst studying in the Library. Please leave your study space clear for the next person. Rubbish and recycling bins are available nearby.

Book a study room

Students and staff can book a room for groups of two or more to undertake collaborative work or to view language and multimedia resources. Please arrive promptly for your booking. We will allow others to use the space after 15 minutes have passed. Be mindful that the rooms are not soundproof and noise travelling outside the room can disturb others.

  • Group study rooms can be booked for two hours.
  • Multimedia viewing rooms can be booked for three hours.

> Book a room here

Flexible study

You can use the University’s wireless network to access Library resources and services in most buildings and outdoor areas on campus.