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BONUS+ is a free borrowing service for students and staff, giving access to a vast collection of material from participating university libraries within Australia and New Zealand.

If an item in our Library is unavailable, or we do not own a particular title, simply click on the BONUS+ logo to request a loan

What is available from BONUS+

The BONUS+ catalogue contains over 7 million items. Being a selection of material from participating libraries, it does not reflect the complete collection of any library.

Who can use BONUS+

  • Undergraduate students
  • Postgraduate students (distance students please note borrowing conditions)
  • Staff

BONUS+ loan conditions

  • The loan period is 21 days
  • One renewal is permitted if no one else has requested the item
  • Requested items that are returned late incur a fine of $10 per day
  • Items can be returned to any University of Sydney Library location
  • Distance students must allow postage time for items to be returned within the 21 day loan period

How many BONUS+ items can I request?

  • Undergraduate students may have 5 requests active at any one time
  • Postgraduate students and staff may have 10 requests active at any one time
  • A request is active from the time the request is placed until the item is received back at the lending BONUS+ library
  • There is no annual limit to BONUS+ requests


Library Membership Number of Active
Loan Period Number of Renewals Fines for Overdue
Requested Items
Undergraduate 5 21 days 1 (21 days) $10 per day
Postgraduate 10 21 days 1 (21 days) $10 per day
Staff 10 21 days 1 (21 days) $10 per day

How can I request an item from BONUS+ ?

If you cannot locate an available item using the library catalogue or CrossSearch, simply click on any BONUS+ logo. This will take you directly to the BONUS+ catalogue:

  1. If you find the title you want, click on the REQUEST THIS ITEM link
  2. Choose our institution: Uni of Sydney
  3. Login with your UniKey, or login with your Library borrower number
  4. Select your pickup location

When can I collect my item?

  • Usually within 3-5 working days (up to 7 days if arriving from New Zealand)
  • You will receive an email notice when it is ready for pickup
  • Items must be collected within 7 days
  • Pick up times are strictly controlled by the BONUS+ service and cannot be extended, so if you cannot collect your item on time please cancel your request and re-request it at a more suitable time

How can I renew, cancel or check my BONUS+ request?

  • Log into your MyLoans account
  • A status of RCV’D indicates an item is ready for pickup
  • If an item you have on loan has an additional hold, this item cannot be renewed

Can my BONUS+ item be recalled?

  • Your BONUS+ item cannot be recalled but it may be requested by another borrower, you will not be able to renew it and it must be returned by the due date
  • Requested items that are returned late incur a fine of $10 per day

What if I lose a BONUS+ item?

  • The standard lost item charge of $320 applies
  • Replacements are not accepted by BONUS+ participating libraries
  • Please contact your home library to report a lost BONUS+ item

I returned a number of BONUS+ items today but I can’t request more

You may have reached your maximum number of active requests at that particular time. A request is active from the time the request is placed until the item is received back at the lending BONUS+ library, so you may need to wait a few days until your items are received back at the lending libraries before you can place more requests.

I can’t find an item in our catalogue or the BONUS+ catalogue

Staff, postgraduate students and honours undergraduate students are eligible to use our document delivery service for these items. You may also suggest the library purchases this title by using the Suggestions for Collection link on the library homepage.

To find out more about how BONUS+ can work for you

Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian or visit the BONUS+ website for more information.

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