Fines are not charged for the late return or renewal of items from the general collection unless an item is 32 days overdue and deemed lost.

Fines are charged for the late return of recalled items. This is to encourage you to return these high demand items on time so that they can be shared among library members.  

An email fines notice will be sent to you whenever a new fine is accrued and a statement of outstanding fines and charges is emailed monthly.

Students who have outstanding fines or charges may be stopped from reenrolling or in graduating. Please refer to the Student Debtor Sanction’s Policy and the Student Debtor Sanction’s Procedures.

Avoid this situation by checking your MyLoans account regularly to keep track of your loans.


Fines apply to all library borrowers.


Fine rates

The following fines apply to each University of Sydney Library and BONUS+ item not returned by the due date or time:

RECALLED items not returned within 7 days $10.00 per day
(up to a maximum of $320.00)
2 Hour Collection items $10.00 per hour, or part thereof
(up to a maximum of $320.00)
Journals $10.00 per hour, or part thereof
(up to a maximum of $320.00)
Lost item
(if 32 days overdue)
$320.00 minimum
(Replacement charges + administrative fee)

Recalled items, Journals and 2-hour Collection items cannot be renewed.

How to avoid fines

  • Check your loans regularly via MyLoans
  • Return recalled items on time
  • Return items before going on leave or vacation
  • Renew items via MyLoans
  • Read your library notices


You are responsible for returning or renewing loans on time regardless of receipt of library notices. You should check your MyLoans account regularly to keep track of your loans.

Paying your fines

You do not need to pay until your fine total reaches $30.

Fine totals of less than $30.00:

  • will not affect your borrowing
  • will be waived during the last week of University business before the University Christmas shutdown.
  • Note: A Lost book replacement charge is not a fine and will not be waived as part of the end of year waive i.e. the full amount ($320 minimum) must be paid, partial payment to reduce the fine to below $30 cannot be made

Fine totals of $30.00 or more:

  • will block your card
  • will stop you borrowing, renewing and requesting items
  • will not be waived at the end of the year and will be carried through to the following year

Your card block will be removed and your borrowing re-instated once you reduce your fine total to less than $30.00, payments of less than $10.00 are not accepted.

How to pay fines

Pay online

Pay your fines online by credit card via MyLoans (we do not accept American Express or Diners Club):

  • Payments of less than $10.00 are not accepted
  • Part payment of a single fine cannot be made online e.g. For a $20 overdue fine, you cannot pay part of the $20, only the full amount

TIP: As long as the transaction amount is $10 or more, you can select just those fines that will reduce your total balance to under $30.

Pay in person at the Library

You can pay your fines by EFTPOS or Credit card in person at the Information Desk, Level 3, Fisher Library. Part payment of a fine in person is possible. Payments of less than $10.00 are not accepted.

EFTPOS and credit card

Fisher Library has credit and EFTPOS facilities (we do not except Diners Card or American Express). Online Payment, through MyLoans, accepts credit card payment only at this stage.

Cheque and money order

Payment by cheque, made payable to the University of Sydney Library, and money order will also be accepted. Please include a copy of your fines notice with your payment. Cheques and money orders can be sent to:
Library Administration, Level 5
Fisher Library F03
University of Sydney NSW 2006.

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Appeals against library fines

If you believe a fine is incorrect or unfair, you can appeal for the fine to be reduced or waived. Failure to receive or read library notices, or failure to check MyLoans, are not considered valid reasons for a fine appeal.

How to appeal

  1. Fill in the online Borrower Enquiry Form
  2. If you need to supply evidence (e.g. a medical certificate), or we need to clarify any details, we will contact you
  3. We aim to decide the outcome of your appeal, or provide you with a progress report, within 7 working days

If you are not satisfied with the way the library has handled your appeal and you wish to ask the University Librarian to review your appeal, please write a letter to the:

University Librarian
University of Sydney Library
Fisher Library F03
University of Sydney NSW 2006

You should provide your full name, library membership number and contact details and describe in full the grounds for your appeal.

Damaged item charges

If an item you borrow is returned damaged, you may be charged for its repair. Please report damaged items to the attention of library staff when you return them so they can be assessed.

If an item, or part of an item, is damaged beyond repair you may be charged a minimum replacement charge of $320.00.

Lost item charges

A lost item charge is used to replace the item or buy a similar title if it is out of print.

Lost item charges are imposed when:

  • you inform us that you have lost an item
  • you have an item overdue for 32 days

The minimum lost item charge is $320.00 and includes:

  • $200 item replacement charge
  • $120 administrative fee

This charge may be higher, or an extra charge may be added later, depending on the item's value.

Returning the item

If the item is returned within 12 months, the charge will automatically be reduced to $120.00. This is the administrative fee.

If you have already paid the lost item charge, you will need to ask the Library for a partial refund.

No refund or reduction will be given after 12 months from the date of the item becoming lost, even if a replacement has been ordered or the original item is returned.

Replacing the item

If you choose to replace an item, a $120.00 administrative fee applies.

A replacement item must be the same (or newer) edition and be in excellent condition.