Mobile Site / AirPAC

Mobile site

When using a Smartphone with a browser, the catalogue will usually detect your device and display the mobile site.

You can search the catalogue, login to MyLoans, and request/ renew items. You can also go back to the standard website by clicking on the link Standard View.

If your device does not automatically go to the mobile site, you can use this link:

or you can use this image with a QR reader:QR image for link to Catalouge mobile site

If you don't have a QR reader in your device, please search your respective app store for the word QR, you should get a few QR reader apps to choose from.


AirPAC is a simplified version of the Library catalogue to use with older WAP-enabled mobile phone or PDA.


Is text being truncated? - e.g., the Advanced Searching link may display as AVS.
The screens delivered to WAP devices are very brief. Get to know the AirPAC interface via the web browser on your computer, so that you understand the links on your WAP device.
On a Blackberry, use a browser such as Opera rather than the Blackberry proprietary browser.

What is WAP?
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an advanced messaging service available on some small screen devices, which delivers internet pages in a special text format.



University of Sydney Library mobile and AirPAC sites are available free of charge, however depending on your account provider and data plan you may incur charges.
On campus, you may connect to either of them via the University wireless network. For more details please check ICT's wireless access information page.