2 hour Collection

What is it?

The collection consists of high demand books. They can be borrowed on short loan and articles can be accessed online via the Library catalogue.

Where is it?

Print materials held in 2 Hour are shelved as a separate collection within each University of Sydney Library.

How to access it?

All items appear in the catalogue with ‘2 Hour’ as the location (e.g. Fisher 2 Hour).

It is possible to view all items placed in this collection for a particular course by clicking on the Unit of study readings link from the library homepage or the Find Unit of study readings matterial on the side menu from the catalogue. You can search by the unit of study code, title of the item or lecturer’s name.

Booking Items

Some libraries may allow bookings of items so that they are available at a particular time. Please speak to the 2 hour collection section of the library in which the item is held to see if this can be arranged.

Loan Periods

Two items may be borrowed at a time, for up to two hours. Library staff can renew items if they are not overdue or booked by someone else.
Items MUST be returned to the library from which you borrowed them.

Overnight Loans

Items borrowed within two hours of the library closing can be borrowed overnight , but must be returned the next day within the first hour of the library opening .


Please check the Library fines page for up to date information on fines.