Senior Staff Directory

Anne Bell University Librarian
Coral Black Director, Site Services
Diane Green Director, Central Services
Lisa McIntosh Director, Access Services
Libby O'Reilly Director, Library Client Services

Michael Arndell Acting Manager, Library Services, Sciences and Technology. Acting Team Leader, Faculty Services Team: Engineering and IT, Architecture, Design and Planning
Gaith Bader Manager, Online Services
Sylvia Bembo Executive Officer
Isis Bibaoui Manager, Client Services Solutions
Karen Black Team Leader, Faculty Services Team: Veterinary Science and Agriculture and Environment
Crystal Choi Manager Site Services (New Service Models)
Sten Christensen Associate Director, Publishing and Data Services
Philippa Crosbie Team Leader, Faculty Services Team - Faculty Liaison Librarian, Education and Social Work
Colleen Cuddy Associate Director Research Services Development
Jeremy Cullis Team Leader, Faculty Services Team: Medicine
Matthew Davis Acting Assistant Manager/Team Leader: Arts and Social Sciences Library Services Team
Marian De Saxe Acting Manager, Library Services, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Jill Denholm Manager, Medical Sciences Libraries
Lorraine Falconer Electronic Access Librarian
Katarina Ferro Information and Administration Officer
Jennifer Hayes Acting Manager, Conservatorium Library and Sydney College of the Arts Library
Kate Masters Acting Team Leader, Faculty Services Team: Nursing and Midwifery
Fiona McCay Acting Manager, Law Library
Susan Murray Business Manager, Digital Initiatives and Sydney University Press
Troy Mutton Acting Team Leader, Faculty Services Team: Science
Belinda Norman Research Data Manager
Caroline Regan Acting Manager, Health Sciences Library
Cheryl Ruggles Manager, Library IT Services
Kate Stanton Senior Manager, Copyright & Information Policy
Sue Thomas Acting Team Leader, Faculty Services Team: School of Business
Kathy Thorncraft Team Leader, Faculty Services Team: Health Sciences

Collection Services Contacts

Address: Collection Services, Level 1, Fisher Library, F03, University of Sydney Library, NSW 2006, Australia.
Clotilde Dutkiewicz Acting team leader, Social Sciences Resources Team
Jenny Langenstrass Acting team leader, Collection Services Team
Nancy Li Acting manager, Collection Services; Humanities Resources team leader and East Asian Collection Librarian
Glenda McKay Team Leader, Health Sciences Resources Team
David Andersen Team Leader, Science & Technology Resources Team
Therese Challenor Gift, Legal Deposit, & Exchange Officer