Academic Liaison Librarian contact details

Academic Liaison Librarians work with academics, researchers and students to help them achieve their research, learning and teaching goals.

How Academic Liaison Librarians can help you:

  • Offer individual research consultations to academics, researchers and students
  • Ensure the Library collection supports the research and teaching needs of the University community
  • Collaborate with academics on curriculum design to embed information skills development
  • Deliver information skills components within units of study, either online or face-to-face
  • Provide advice on measuring, evaluating and maximising the impact of your research
  • Provide support, advice and hands-on training to help you manage your citations
  • Provide advice on research data management strategies and open access publishing, and more

Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian to see how they can help you.

For information on how the Library supports research and teaching, see our Research support and Teaching support pages.


Agriculture and Environment

Camden Campus   Karen Black
Camperdown Campus Poppy Prezios

Architecture, Design and Planning

Kate Masters

Arts and Social Sciences

School of Letters, Arts and Media (SLAM)Kim Wilson
School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)Rena McGrogan
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)Rena McGrogan
School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS) Karen Chilcott
School of Economics - Karen Chilcott

Business School

Accounting   Kamy Ooi
Business Analytics   Kamy Ooi
Business Information Systems   Kamy Ooi
Business Law  Kamy Ooi
Business Programs Unit (BUSS) Kamy Ooi
Finance   Kamy Ooi
International Business   Kamy Ooi
Marketing   Kamy Ooi
MBA Program   Kamy Ooi
Transport & Logistics   Kamy Ooi
Work and Organisational Studies   Kamy Ooi
Workplace Research Centre   Kamy Ooi

Charles Perkins Centre

Joy Wearne

Conservatorium Library

Music Education, Arts Music, Percussion    Celia Brown
Jazz Studies, Ensemble Studies, Brass, Strings    Marie Chellos
Early Music, Keyboard, Musicology, Conducting/Opera Production   Ludwig Sugiri
Woodwind, Vocal & Opera, Composition   Bligh Glass


Lajos Bordas

Education and Social Work

Undergraduate, Pre-service Education and Master of Teaching Programmes
Early Childhood, Primary Education, School Counselling   Christine Tennent
Secondary Education, Human Movement and Health Education   Philippa Crosbie
Education I-IV   Christine Tennent
Honours   Philippa Crosbie & Christine Tennent

Postgraduate Course work
TESOL, Educational Psychology, Coach Education, Health Professional Education   Christine Tennent
Educational Management and Leadership, Higher Education, International Education, Research Methodology,  Learning Sciences, Special Education and Inclusive Education   Philippa Crosbie
Offshore Programmes   Philippa Crosbie
Research Higher Degree   Philippa Crosbie
Social Work and Policy Studies (all programmes)   Philippa Crosbie
Koori Centre   Philippa Crosbie & Christine Tennent
Cadigal Programme   Christine Tennent
United States Studies Centre   Philippa Crosbie & Christine Tennent

Engineering & Information Technologies

Kate Masters

Health Sciences

Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHS)   JohnPaul Cenzato
Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health   JohnPaul Cenzato
Biomedical Sciences   JohnPaul Cenzato
Exercise & Sport Science   Elaine Tam
Health Informatics   JohnPaul Cenzato
Rehabilitation Counselling   JohnPaul Cenzato
Medical Radiation Sciences   Elaine Tam
Occupation & Leisure Sciences   Elaine Tam
Physiotherapy  JohnPaul Cenzato & Elaine Tam
Speech Pathology   JohnPaul Cenzato


Asia and Pacific law   Grant Wheeler
Constitutional and Public Law    Sue Cohen and Frances Stark
Contract law and Commercial Obligations, Intellectual Property and Media Law    Patrick O’Mara
Corporate Law  Fiona McCay
Criminal law and Criminology   Lesley Adukonu
Employment law   Fiona McCay
Environmental law   Grant Wheeler
Equity   Sue Cohen and Frances Stark
Health Governance and Law and Ethics  Sue Cohen and Frances Stark
International law    Grant Wheeler
Jurisprudence   Sue Cohen and Frances Stark
Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Torts   Patrick O’Mara
LPAB students   Patrick O’Mara
Property and Family law   Sue Cohen and Frances Stark
Taxation  Lesley Adukonu


Medicine - Jeremy Cullis
Central Clinical School - Rebecca Goldsworthy
Children's Hospital at Westmead Clinical School - Jeremy Cullis
Concord Clinical School - Jeremy Cullis
Medical Program - Monica Cooper
Nepean Clinical School - Jeremy Cullis
Northern Clinical School - Jeremy Cullis
School of Medical Sciences - Rebecca Goldsworthy (Camperdown) JohnPaul Cenzato (Cumberland)
School of Public Health - Rebecca Goldsworthy 
School of Rural Health - Monica Cooper
Western Clinical School - Jeremy Cullis
Research Centres - Contacts

Nursing and Midwifery

Isabelle Raisin


Lorraine Evison


Biological Sciences   Joy Wearne
Chemistry   Troy Mutton
Geosciences   Troy Mutton
History & Philosophy of Science   Troy Mutton
Mathematics   Charlotte Jarabak
Medical Sciences   Rebecca Goldsworthy
Molecular Bioscience   Charlotte Jarabak
Nutrition   Rod Dyson
Physics   Charlotte Jarabak
Psychology    Tom Goodfellow

Sydney College of the Arts

Celia Brown and  Sarah Graham

Veterinary Science

Camden Campus   Karen Black
Camperdown Campus   Poppy Prezios