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Jane's Online
- Accessible by staff and currently enrolled students only Access to the following Jane's publications: IHS Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: Development & Production, IHS Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: In Service, Aero-Engines, Jane's Intelligence Review.
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Japanese Periodicals Index (Zasshi kiji sakuin)
This database is the most comprehensive index for Japanese periodicals published in Japan. Some indexes go back to 1948.
Note: Search must be conducted in Japanese scripts.
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database via OvidSP
An evidence-based health care resource to assist in evaluating evidence for informed clinical decision-making and best practice in health care. It includes evidence summaries in the following areas: Aged Care, Acute Care, Midwifery, Physio, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging.
Australian content
The John Anderson Archive
A comprehensive resource for study and research into the life and works of John Anderson,Challis Professor of Philosophy from 1927 until 1958. Includes previously published works by Professor Anderson and electronic editions of significant papers held by the University Archives.
One of the digital collections developed by the Library in partnership. Australian content
John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera
Ephemera published between the eighteenth and early twentieth centuries, ranging from Advertising & consumerism, Nineteenth Century Entertainment, the Booktrade, Crimes, Murders & Executions, to Popular Prints.
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Joseph Henry Maiden Botanical Texts
A collection devoted to pioneering botanical texts and images.
One of the digital collections developed by the Library in partnership. Australian content
Journal Citation Reports - old version via Web of Science
Journal Citation Reports - new version via Web of Science - click Subscriber login button
Discover analytical information on journals such as impact factor and citation frequency.
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An aggregate of hundreds of scientific, technical, and medical journals from over 50 publishers and societies.
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Journals of Inland Exploration
This collection of the major journals of inland exploration in Australia documents the first European encounters with the harsh geography of the new land.
One of the digital collections developed by the Library in partnership. Australian content
JOVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments
Video-based visualization of biological techniques and procedures. JOVE aims to solve some of the most difficult problems in life science research: low transparency and reproducibility of biological experiments, time-consuming learning of experimental techniques.
Access to these collections: Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Immunology & Infection, Medicine, Neuroscience.
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Full-text of major academic journals and scholarly literature from around the world.
The last five years are not available in this database except for journals published by the University of California.
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JSTOR Plant Science
Foundational content vital to plant science – plant type specimens, taxonomic structures, full-text scientific literature, botanical drawings, photographs, paintings, correspondence, and manuscripts. It aims to be a comprehensive online research tool for aggregating and exploring the world’s botanical resources.
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Justis & JustCite
Justis 2.0 is the online legal library of UK, EU and Irish law dating from 1163 to the present day. It is integrated with JustCite, a legal reference search engine, which provides a fully cross-referenced index to a comprehensive collection of authoritative UK and European legal information.
The ICLR reports including The Law Reports and Weekly Law Reports are now available via ICLR Online.
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