Help with Citation Linker

  • Use Citation Linker to quickly go to an article you want, if you already have its citation.
  • The more detail you enter in Citation Linker the more likely you are to be linked directly to the article.
  • For best results, use the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or PMID (PubMed ID) if you have it.

If more than one link to the full text displays, which should I choose?

Sometimes the Library has access to an Article and Journal on more than one Resource. 360Link offers all the links available, in case there is a problem with one of them.

  1. Try the CrossRef link if one is displayed, as these are the most reliable.
  2. Try Article links next, in the order in which they are displayed.
  3. Try the Journal link(s) if there are no Article links, and try the Resource links last.

What do I do when it says Sorry, no electronic holdings are found...

  1. Check that your spelling and the citation details are correct. Use Change details to make corrections and try again.
  2. Check the Library catalogue:
    Scroll down to use the By Title link to search for the item by Journal or Book title, or the By ISSN link to search for the item by ISSN or ISBN.
  3. .
  4. If you are eligible for Document Delivery services, you may request an item via ArticleReach or MyLoans if this Library does not hold it.

How do I report a problem?

  • Use the report an error links at the bottom of the screen